Muse Space Dementia (Live)歌词

12/22 22:33
H8 - is the one for me It gives me all I need And helps me coexist With the chill You make me sick Because I adore you so I love all the dirty tricks And twisted games you play On me Space dementia in your eyes and Peace will arise And tear us apart

加藤ミリヤ Beautiful ~BR Remix~歌词

12/18 05:35
[ti:Beautiful] [ar:加藤ミリヤ] [al:] [00:00.48]Beautiful|加藤ミリヤ [00:02.14]作�:Miliyah [00:04.02]作曲:Minoru Komorita [00:09.71] [00:16.41]どう�ても生意� [00:19.30]世��透かしたような�貌 [00:23.74]どう考えてみても [00:26.38]�なfirst impression [00:30.78] [00:31.17]もしもあの子みたく [00:33.97]

Muse The 2nd Law: Isolated System歌词

12/07 21:56
In an isolated system, entropy can only increase (Random radio and TV transmissions broadcast on March 29th 2012 between 18:48 and 19:10) In an isolated system, entropy can only increase In an isolated system In an isolated system (entropy) Isolated

Muse Muscle Museum (US Mix)歌词

11/01 09:25
She had something to confess to But you don't have the time so Look the other way You will wait until it's over To reveal what you'd never shown her Too little much too late Too long trying to resist it You've just gone and missed it It's escaped you


10/21 18:36
MUSE Album『Sweet & Fluffy』 Arrange:五条下位 Vocal&Lyri:Shihori Violin:TAM 生まれ変わったばかりの柔らかな木々はそよぐ 大地に抱かれた種子よ 目覚め.一斉に芽吹けよと 輪廻を待つほど永く.凍てつく虚空を仰いだ "アイシテル"という想いさえ 凍え.怯えてたの 季節は廻り来る- 廻るのだ.と信じて 雪に融けで朽ちていった 願い解き放とう 春風に乗せて今.遠く- 届けメロディ この指が.声が紡ぐ音霊よ 創造の花に

Muse Screenager歌词

10/16 16:44
Screenager Muse Origin Of Simmetry double-trouble Who's so phoney and always surrounded? Stop your screaming, no one can hear All the scars on your skin: "Post no bills" Who you were Was so beautiful Remember who, who you were Hide from the mirr

otetsu Cosmos歌词

10/13 07:28
覗き込んだ森羅万象 過去 未来 現在 時空の果て 向かうのは絶対零度 冷却 ただ冷めるだけ 襲い掛かるブラックホール 魅惑 誘惑 罠だらけ 存在を否定した 侵入を許した 心地悪い浴槽は熱を失った 存在を否定した 冷却 ただ冷めるだけ 扉を開いた先はCosmos 今夜も救いようの無い寂しがり屋の宴 花弁開いた先はCosmos 夢見て吸い込まれてゆく 見せて 見せて もっと教えて でも見たくない 知りたくない 黒い黒い穴 そこに光など無い 解っているけれど 襲い掛かる重力(きもち) 覗き込んだ森羅万

Muse Panic Station歌词

09/15 18:03
You won't get much closer till you sacrifice it all. You won't get to taste it with your face against the wall. Get up and commit. Show the power trapped within. Do just what you want to and now stand up and begin. Ooh 1, 2, 3, 4 fire's in your eyes.

Muse Dark Shines歌词

08/27 14:58
Passing by, you light up my darkest skies You'll take only seconds to draw me in So be mine and your innocence I will consume Dark shines Bringing me down Making my heart feel sore 'Cause it's good Hold your hands up to your eyes again Hide from the

加藤ミリヤ M.U.S.E.歌词

07/30 12:17
All I need is love&soul All I need is love&soul I proud myself I feel so happy with you Breaking dawn 2004 あたしが何者でもなかった頃のこと 予感.夢.理想.野望 体に詰め込んで でも精一杯で "あたしを救えるのは.そうあたしだけ"わかってた だから輝ける場所探した 小さな町から一人去った あたしは少しも泣かなかった 二度と帰らない 生きる希望.唯一感じられた あた

Muse Uprising (Live From Teignmouth)歌词

07/20 05:55
Muse-Uprising Lyrics by Sedum The paranoia is in bloom, the PR The transmissions will resume They'll try to push drugs Keep us all dumbed down and hope that We will never see the truth around Another promise, another scene, another A package not to k

Muse Sober (Saint US Mix)歌词

05/19 06:47
[ti:Sober] [ar:Muse] [al:Greatest Hits cd2] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.98]Artist:muse [00:01.92]Songs Title:sober [00:09.34]Royal canadian blended [00:13.58]The spicy aroma had mended me [00:17.64]Matured for years and imported [00:20.39]Into my glass y

Muse Agitated (Live)歌词

04/16 16:28
[ti:Agitated] [ar:Muse] [al:Hullabaloo] [00:19.89] [00:48.71] [01:08.48] [01:39.47] [00:02.84]Agitated [00:07.75]Muse [00:14.04]( Hullabaloo ) [00:38.40]You make me agitated [00:39.20]With all the things you've hated [00:40.67]But you're uncomplicate

Muse Resistance (Live from Lisbon)歌词

03/30 21:14
Is our secret safe tonight and are we out of sight Or will our world come tumbling down? Will they find our hiding place is this our last embrace or will the walls start caving in? It could be wrong, could be wrong, but it should have been right It c

Muse Falling Down歌词

03/25 09:54
Falling Down I'm falling down And 15 thousand people scream They were all begging for your dream I'm falling down Five thousand houses burning down, yeah No one is gonna save this town Too late, I already found what I was looking for You know it wasn

Muse Cave歌词

02/18 20:04
Cave Leave me alone, it's nothing serious I'll do it myself, it's got nothing to do with you And there's nothing that you can do You can see it and you can almost hear it too You can almost taste it, it's nothing to do with you And there's still noth

Minos In Nuol Muse, I See歌词

02/10 00:12
나란 존재를 만드는 것 소년들이 꿈을 더 꿀수있게 만드는것 내 마음의 병에 악수를 청해주곤 다독이는 벗 music 언제나 내 곁엔 나란 존재를 가두는 것 다른 꿈들은 더 꿀수 없게 만드는것 내 청춘을 정의해 늘어가는 술 담배를 더 권하는 너 music 언제나 내 곁에 내가 뱉는 글자들에 날개를 달아줘 사라져만 갔었던 주변 사람들을 좀 더 또렷하게 잡아줄 수 있던 만화경 얄개처럼 굴었지만은 필요했던 건 방패였어 강한 척만 했지만은 강한 적은 없었

Muse Hate This & I'll Love You歌词

01/12 12:04
Hate This & I'll Love You Oh I am growing tired Of allowing you to steal Everything I have You're making me feel Like I was born to service you But I am growing by the hour You left us far behind So we all discard our souls And blaze through your ski

Muse Take a Bow歌词

01/10 19:16
Take A Bow Muse Black Holes And Revelations Mixty Corrupt, you corrupt, And bring corruption to all that you touch. Hold, you'll behold, And beholden for all that you've done. Spell, cast a spell, Cast a spell on the country you run. And risk, you wi

Muse The Small Print歌词

01/07 00:18
take, take all you need and i\'ll compensate your greed with broken hearts sell, i\'ll sell your memories for 15 pounds per year but just the good days say it\'ll make you insane and it\'s bending the truth you\'re to blame for all the life that you\