Modern Talking

Modern Talking If I...歌词

12/31 05:08
All friends are gone - my heart it burns like a fire When the night comes falling, falling from the sky I was so wrong - how could I lose my desire How many times can we say goodbye Love is a sacrifice You have to read between the lies If I'll never

Modern Talking Cinderella Girl歌词

12/30 23:55
Oh I saw her near ocean avenue Wears a t-shirt and her eyes are blue She told me that She's living in the heart of L.A. City now, mmm We went straight to a night caf' Took popcorn, coffee, and I heard her say She told me that She's living in the hear

Modern Talking Lonely Tears In Chinatown歌词

12/21 05:39
A broken heart - a pillow filled with tears It was hot, babe, hot through all the years Everybody needs someone to hold Never thought that heaven can be cold When you call me baby I'll be there A penny for your thoughts - oh to care Lonely tears in C

Modern Talking Geronimo's Cadillac歌词

11/22 22:56
I wanna share my dreams Wanna share with you On the wings of love Like dreamers do Touch your heart You're the queen Of broken hearts Oh we are daytime friends And nighttime fools Wanna play this game You break the rules Tears of love Are frozen tear

Modern Talking Should I, Would I, Could I歌词

11/17 06:36
Oh you are lying (lying), you said it was forever baby Now see me crying (crying), why can't we be together lady Your lips say hello, but thay mean goodbye tomorrow (bye tomorrow) Don't tell me girl, you're runing back to him - baby Should I, Would I

Modern Talking It's Christmas歌词

09/09 16:56
What do the lonely do on Christmas ? Woman is a man's best friend There are people in loneliness, girl Waiting for a helping hand There's no mountain that's high enough Heaven will send me You're drawning in a sea of love, girl Never set you free I h

Modern Talking Just We Two (Mona Lisa)歌词

08/14 00:20
Good guys only win in the movies Evil women tellin' stories There will never be another you It's true Down-and-out in Paris city All the things are tough and pretty Stay with me until the night is gone Is gone Just we two Mona Lisa breaks my heart Ju

Modern Talking Princess of the Night歌词

08/06 09:46
Oh I'm waitin' in the darkness Hesitatin' in the darkness Follow on your shadows in the night I'm feelin' it's burnin' The point of no return babe Easy for two Baby it's so hard for one Princess of the night (of the night) I'm drownin' in the light (

Modern Talking Give Me Peace on Earth歌词

08/04 05:04
Love is easy hate is wrong Find the way babe way back home Give your heart love never die Oh a little clown will cry Be a dreamer be a fool Come we're breakin' all these rules Better late than never done For the children we need a home Give me peace

Modern Talking Jet Airliner(Radio Version)歌词

07/27 20:38
The times were hard and I was running I could feel my chance was coming Another time, another place A pillow filled with frozen tears See the gates, a distant fire Shows the way, to my desire Laying down my heart for you 'cause I'm lonely, feelin' bl

Modern Talking Knocking on My Door歌词

07/20 10:09
Oh, baby when I see your eyes I feel like I'm in paradise My heart is beating just for you Don't play games with me Tomorrow there's another day I'm begging you, oh, baby, stay You said to me you had to go But I really know You said to me the time wi

Modern Talking Heaven Will Know歌词

06/25 01:42
When I'm down and feelin' blue I close my eyes so just to be with you I'm a dreamer and you know You are my woman and I'll never go God put an angel here on Earth Who gave me more than all I'm worth You are my angel in the night In the darkness you'r

Modern Talking SMS to My Heart歌词

06/07 09:52
SMS, SMS SMS, SMS You are so far, oh like a star Oh I feel inside, I miss you tonight Do anything to make your mine A lonely night, the stars shine bright I have an idea to have you near Here just by my side Send me a little SMS to my heart Send me a

Modern Talking You And Me歌词

05/15 03:07
Love delight - deep inside I'm sharing all my love with you Oh, I know I can't live without you girl I can't live without you Take me away Make my day Every time I see your face Oh, I know I can't live without your love That I can't live without you

Modern Talking Keep Love Alive (Long Vocal Version)歌词

04/18 19:22
[ti:Keep Love Alive] [ar:Modern Talking] [al:25 Years Of Disco-Pop CD1] [offset:0] [00:18.33]Bitter sweet' you wasted years [00:22.01]Lonely dream about souvenirs [00:25.94]Baby' touch an hand and make a friend' tonight [00:34.00]Bitter sweet love ha

Modern Talking New York City Girl歌词

03/01 19:22
She's living in east wood - in flat 65 She hasn't that money - to live a good life And she just can't wait - to saturday night In new york, new york, new york She working from monday, til friday night She hasn't that money to live on eastside And she

Modern Talking Diamonds Never Made a Lady歌词

02/09 00:38
Oh my heart is cryin' in the night for you Oh my God oh don't you feel like a fool You're foolin' yourself with a millionaire You think it's love but he don't care And one of these days you're gonna be surprised Diamonds never made a lady Lover or a

Modern Talking China In Her Eyes(Vocal Version)歌词

02/07 06:37
[ti:China In Her Eyes] [ar:Modern Talking] [al:Year Of The Dragon] [01:07.87]Behind the sun [01:09.74]I found some one [01:11.56]My china woman, oh no [01:15.35]She's painting clouds,day in day out [01:18.73]My china girl, don't go [01:22.99]Oh I can

Modern Talking Avec Toi歌词

01/20 02:26
Avec toi, avec toi be the lady of my heart I will cry, I will die if you love me You're all I want, I told you twice You are for me my paradise My heart is makes a lonely sound to me You had the love right in your eyes But maybe you are telling lies

Modern Talking Love to Love You歌词

01/13 06:47
Feeling lonely drifting through the day Was so sad and then I walked away I feel the disillusion Headless of confusion baby What you did and that you lied to me I'm old enough and not too blind to see We walk through different doors now We sail on di