McFly Foolish歌词

10/31 12:06
I never thought shed remember, The way that I left it on hold .. Didn't know I had it all Till the moment I lost it all Picking my mistakes and fall And she will never recover I couldn't get over And I could never ? And I'm trying to recall At the da

McFly Nothing歌词

10/13 23:41
mcfly - nothing album: wonderland editor: flowerspider everything she says to me means nothing even words of sympathy mean nothing i'm feeling down and i hate the sound of nothing what's the point in hanging round for nothing and i can't remember fal

McFly Just My Luck歌词

09/26 13:10
121234 you and i have got a lot in common we share all the same problems luck, love and life aren't on our side i'm in the wrong place at the wrong time always the last one in a long line waiting for something to turn out right right i'm starting to

McFly Walk in the Sun歌词

09/26 05:47
Walk In The Sun I wonder what it''''s like to be loved by you I wonder what it''''s like to be home And i don''''t walk when there''''s a stone in my shoe All i know is that with time I''''ll be fine I wonder what it''''s like to fly so high Or to br

McFly She Falls Asleep - Part 1歌词

09/19 23:39
[ti:She Falls Asleep (Part 2)] [ar:Mcfly] [al:Wonderland] [offset:500] [00:00.00]Mcfly - She Falls Asleep (Part 2) [00:02.69]Album: Wonderland [00:13.40][01:32.59][03:05.02]She falls asleep and all she thinks about is you [00:19.82][01:38.80][03:11.5

McFly Lonely歌词

09/06 19:35
It's only been a day But it's like I cant go on I just wanna say I never meant to do you wrong And I remember you told me baby Somethings gotta give If I cant be the one to hold you baby I don't think I could live Now I'm so sick of being lonely This

McFly Friday Night歌词

07/17 17:45
Mcfly Friday Night Hey Sleeping through the day cause I work all night Get out the way things are coming a-live Look over there, another fight I guess I should have seen the warning signs (We could be together?) I am not looking for a fight (Change t

McFly Unsaid Things歌词

04/28 11:15
This girl that moved up the road from me, She had the nicest legs I've ever seen. Back then, she wrote me letters just to say she loved me, But now her face is just a memory. Now seven years have gone, And I've grown up but she's moved on, and some h

McFly Love Is On the Radio歌词

04/12 04:33
I was alone and my stomach was twisted, But I can get up now, the dark clouds have lifted Back in the old life, before you existed, I couldn't see right, my windows were misted Said one word, made me feel much better, Starts with L and it's got four

McFly Way You Make Me Feel歌词

04/10 23:45
Danny: I think yesterday And all the times I spent being lonely I watched the young be young While all the singers sung About the way I felt The days are here again When all the lights go down, What do they show me? The rules are all the same It's ju

McFly Love Is Easy歌词

03/29 16:46
Do do dodo do do, Do do do dodo do, Do do dodo do do, Today, I'm laughing the clouds away, I hear what the flowers say, And drink every drop of rain, And I see, Places that I have been, In ways that I've never seen, My side of the grass is green, Ooh

McFly Please, Please歌词

03/29 03:30
Please Please Lindsay Please Set the scene I think I'm in love now Your eyes are green you come from above now Easy girl I think we're alone now Lets get the motion in the ocean So turn off your phone now I want to put my hands on your skin Underneat

McFly Love Is On the Radio (Radio Edit)歌词

03/29 02:17
I was alone and my stomach was twisted, But I can get up now, the dark clouds have lifted Back in the old life, before you existed, I couldn't see right, my windows were misted Said one word, made me feel much better, Starts with L and it's got four

McFly Star Girl歌词

03/16 12:59
Mcfly - Star Girl ★ Hey, I'm looking up for my star girl I guess I'm stuck in this mad world With things that I wanna say But your a million miles away And I was afraid when you kissed me On your intergalactical frisbee I wonder why, I wonder why You

McFly Not Alone歌词

02/25 03:52
Not Alone mcfly Life is gettin' harder day by day, yeah, And I don't know what to do or what to say, yeah, And my mind is growing weak every step I take, Its uncontrolable now they think I'm fake, yeah 'Cos I'm not alone, no, no, no, But I'm not alon

McFly Smile歌词

02/20 06:02
You don't have to have money, To make it in this world. You don't have to be skinny baby, If you wanna be my girl. Oh you just gotta be happy, But sometimes that's hard. Just remember to smile smile smile And that's a good enough start. So if you ai

McFly The Last Song歌词

02/11 23:29
The time has come to say goodbye The sun is setting in the sky The truth's turned out to be a lie It's over, over Hum yourself a lullaby This is the end but baby don't you cry So take away the melody And all that's left of memories Of lovers, friend

McFly Surfer Babe歌词

01/14 19:53
Well it's quarter to four We're hanging out at the pizza place And we've all got our boards Later on we're gonna catch the waves Well that's what I said when I left her in bed With the radio on and the book she read Let the truth be known I just wann

McFly Broccoli歌词

01/07 10:04
Everything was going just the way I planned The Broccoli was done! She doesn't know I'm a virgin in the kitchen Cause it's normally my mum! But then she called me And that's when She said to me She wasn't coming round for tea I should have known much

McFly Memory Lane歌词

01/01 03:28
mcfly - memory lane album: wonderland editor: flowerspider two years away i got back today tried calling up this girl i used to know but when i said hello she didn't know just who the hell i was supposed to be memory lane we're here again back to the