Beyoncé Listen歌词

12/26 05:54
Listen 歌手:Beyonce Knowles Listen To the song here in my heart 听 我发自内心的声音 A melody I start but can't complete 旋律响起,我却无法开口言说 Listen (mmm) To the sound from deep within 听 那是我心底的声音 It's only beginning to find release 终于鼓起勇气 讲给你听 Oh, the time has come For

The Kooks Sunrise歌词

12/08 19:35
Sunrise - The Kooks I want you, to show me the way to your heart I need to, so show me the way to your heart What you say is what you know, you're fighting against your heart of gold Look inside yourself, live your life with love Everybody loves the

The Kooks Hold On歌词

12/03 07:14
We are the kings of passion We are the dynasty You gotta make a decision baby You are your worst enemy! Brother of mine falls above your line Money will buy back the tears that you've cried Don't ever tell you this is life So, hold on, you gotta stay

Sat Kartar Gobinday Mukunday歌词

11/20 00:07
Gobinday Mukunday Udaaray Apaaray Hariang Kariang Nirnamay Akamay 专辑:Listen 歌手:Sat Kartar 歌曲:Gobinday Mukunday

The Kooks Westside歌词

11/16 03:38
I was living on the Westside When you brought me South At first you didn't like the look of me Your borders were closed Although you said I'm bad company You stayed in touch You made it hard work for me Working for your love But now Well we can settl

K-Pop Star Listen歌词

11/11 09:17
[ti:LISTEN -Seasons of Love-] [ar:K] [al:525600min. -Seasons of Love-] [00:01.25]K - LISTEN -Seasons of Love- [00:04.25]作?∶カミカオル [00:07.25]作曲∶カミカオル [00:14.25] [00:16.25]?も?づかずに ?れてる瞳の奥は [00:28.50]かげる眼差しの 光もたどらないまま [00:40.16]あなたの新しいメロディ [00:46.49]?いてみ

David Guetta Yesterday歌词

10/08 18:25
Black cars, black days Rain drops on my window pane Street lights, street life Hot blood burning in my veins History won't drag me down I said no no no I said no no no It's buried 6 feet under ground Let it go go go, let it go Hey, hey, what you say?

David Guetta The Whisperer歌词

08/16 04:30
I was standing on the edge I unfall in the beginning But I broke down, though I couldn't look down I went cold A million voices scream in my head And I felt sure that I would give in So why couldn't I now, why couldn't I now Your voice was louder By

Ayatollah The Preacher歌词

08/14 08:29
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Listen 歌手:Ayatollah 歌曲:The Preacher

The Kooks Melody Maker歌词

08/03 00:21
Melody Maker - The Kooks Melody Maker, why didn't she, take my heart up to the skies, only to brake me. The world is. It keeps spinning, but I'm not with it, I'm all alone. Oh, Melody Maker, would you, send me a light, or lend me, some of your time s

Sat Kartar Aad Such歌词

08/01 07:22
Aad Such Jugaad Such Hai Bhai Such Nanak Hosee Bhai Such Translation: True in the beginning, true throughout the ages, true even now, Nanak, truth shall ever be. 专辑:Listen 歌手:Sat Kartar 歌曲:Aad Such

伦永亮 奇迹 歌词

07/14 19:42
歌名:你知道我在等你吗 歌手:伦永亮 沾湿双眼未抹干 朦胧而真的爱 长夜飘泊荡向何方 孤单一个夜里躺 愁缠情深的我 无尽的话能复对谁去讲 你知道我在等你吗 陪一个晦暗的月光 无边的追忆应飘于天涯那方 你知道我在等你吗 如果你听到风在乡 是否都一般孤清的失眠看空房 思忆牵了泪再躺 流离人海的你 是否今夜像我一般境 你知道我在等你吗 如果你听到风在乡 是否都一般孤清的失眠看空房 本站歌词来自互联网 专辑:Listen 歌手:伦永亮 歌曲:奇迹

David Guetta Hey Mama歌词

06/12 01:15
Be my woman, girl I'll be your man Be my woman, girl I'll be your man Yes I'll be your woman Yes I'll be your baby Yes I'll be whatever that you tell me When you're ready Yes I'll be your girl Forever your lady You ain't ever gotta worry I'm down for

The Kooks Bad Habit歌词

05/31 01:30
Baby got our head down Baby got our head down to the ground Looking for a stranger Looking for a stranger to love You got to touch your eyes and crush your tears You gotta let go, come with me Looking for a stranger Looking for a stranger to love You

Moodorama Sweet Toffee歌词

05/30 22:06
Toffy sweet and tight We sit under my sunblind There's no argues and fight Just straw hats and delight Take a header into the sea 'Come with me' and enjoy The colours red and burning Deep blue and mysterious Alegria in your eyes I offer my love and f

Heavy D Listen歌词

05/28 01:21
[ti: List] [ar: Brandy] [al:] [00:-07.52]Brandy - List [00:-00.02] [00:01.19] [00:14.32]How do you suppose [00:15.61]All of this happened [00:17.80]I used to be [00:18.69]Your number one hit [00:21.54]First you put me [00:22.35]Second after trappin'

David Guetta Listen歌词

05/17 01:10
Let's hit the road And away we go Take a new direction To a different coast Maybe we should try and put it on the line You gotta trust me now Turn up the radio Tune out the world and roll with the melody Baby listen close and open up your mind Imagin

신지수 Listen歌词

02/05 01:33
화려할 줄만 알았던 나 혼자만의 일상은 더 이상 치워지지 않는 내 방처럼 답답해 난 어김없이 또 수많은 무대 위에서 너의 이야기를 부르지만 이제는 영혼 없는 발라드 랩 같아 결국에는 똑같이 끝나버릴 걸 알기에 손가락 끝은 끝내 용기를 더 내지 못해 이번에도 시간이 전부 해결 해 줄 거라는 걸 난 알기에 우리는 가볍게 그냥 지나치기만 한 걸로 해 널 안지 못하고 느끼지 못해도 때론 바보처럼 눈물이 앞을 가려도 더는 말 하지 못하고 맘 전하지 못해

C21 Tell Me Why It Ain't Easy歌词

02/02 01:15
[ti:Tell Me Why It Ain't Easy] [ar:C21] [al:Listen] [offset:500] [00:00.00]Tell me why it aint easy [00:02.00]C21 [00:04.00]Listen [00:06.00] [00:07.68]Don't you know that I'm lost [00:11.28]I took it for granted too long [00:13.77]I've been trying n

David Guetta What I Did for Love歌词

01/22 02:05
Talking loud, talking crazy Love me outside Pray for the rain to come Don't dry again Guess it's true what they say I'm always late Say you need a little space I'm in your way It hurts, but I remember every scar And I've learned But living is the har