Let's Get It On

Hammerfall Let's Get It On歌词

12/27 18:00
Are you ready? Are you ready?! Let's get it on! Standing alone, it's the ultimate proving ground As real as it gets, we are soldiers of one man armies Burning inside, in the audience dream weaved guards are Burning inside, to fulfill our destiny The

5ive Let's Get It On歌词

12/08 02:12
5ive Kingsize Let's Get It On Thanks to Fadedx00@aol.com for these lyrics. Never knew someone could make me feel like you do, 'cause it's true. You got me prayin' that this love is real. All I need, is you with me. 'Cause there's something 'bout the

Marvin Gaye You Sure Love to Ball歌词

11/13 22:39
Ooh baby please turn yourself around Ahh baby so I can love you Ohh baby baby I'll make you feel so good Ohh baby just like you want me to Ohhh Ohh baby you sure do love to ball Ohh baby you sure do love to ball Ohh baby I hope you never freeze I lov

Marvin Gaye Just to Keep You Satisfied歌词

10/07 20:57
You were my wife My life, my hopes and dreams For you to understand what this means I shall explain I stood all the jealousy All the bitchin', too Yes I'd forget it all Once in bed with you Oh darlin' How did we end up like this? Oh baby let me remin

The Step Kings Vibe歌词

08/07 20:57
Never want to kick a main vein in the man So we pack it in the van take all day to drive Hangin' in the city is fine but I mind Midwest homestyle I miss you now and then All feet down at once just makes me shaky earth Up and down the bodies fly when

Marvin Gaye Come Get to This歌词

07/02 14:01
Girl, you've been gone away a real long time Now I really went out of my mind I miss your lovin' when you left, baby you did Ah ah baby your letters, ah tell me what you missed Ah baby, I want you here I want to do something freaky to you I want you

Marvin Gaye Please Stay (Once You Go Away)歌词

06/07 18:38
baby, please stay don't go away, baby (don't go away) please stay (please stay) please stay, baby don't go away naw, i couldn't stand it, darling (whoooo) I won't be able to sleep peacefully in bed without you beside me, darling darling, anymore naw,

Marvin Gaye If I Should Die Tonight歌词

05/28 18:17
Oh, If I should die tonight Oh baby, it would be far before my time I won't die blue, sugar yeah 'Cause I've known you Oooh, oh, how many eyes Have seen their dream Oh, how many arms Have felt their dream How many hearts, baby... Have felt their worl

G-Slow Let`s Get It On歌词

03/20 22:38
남자들은 헷갈려 해 왜냐면 예 를 들면 말해줄게 ladies grab a chair and a beer 밀당하는 그 시기 있지? 피곤해지거든 볼 것이 없는 속이 빈 전시회처럼 느껴지기도 해, 용길 내 대활 시도했더니 얼굴에 돌아오는 대답 대신 긴 생머리 는 자존감을 무너뜨려 폭삭 똑딱 하고 손잡고 될게 아닌 거 알아 나도 다 연애라는 건 일종의 business deal 포르노처럼 쉽지 않아 this is real 시간과 증명의 누적이 필요한 과

Marvin Gaye Let's Get It On歌词

02/20 15:33
I've been really tryin', baby Tryin' to hold back this feelin' for so long And if you feel like I feel, baby Come on, oh come on Let's get it on, oh baby Let's get it on Let's love, baby Let's get it on Sugar, let's get it on We're all sensitive peop

Marvin Gaye Keep Gettin' It On歌词

02/15 01:23
Yeah, wanna talk, oh yeah Talk about gettin' it on Well, early in the morning, sugar Talk about gettin' it on Oh, you wanna have some good lovin', oh And plenty good times, oh yeah Don't just talk about it, everybody Start gettin' it on, oh! Oh, oh!

Marvin Gaye Distant Lover歌词

01/31 20:00
Distant lover, lover So many miles away Heaven knows that I long for you Every night, every night And sometimes I yearn Through the day Distant lover You should think about me And say a prayer for me Please, please baby Think about me sometimes Think