Kosheen Recovery歌词

12/11 05:07
[ti:Recover] [ar:宏実] [al:] [00:00.58]pre-hook: [00:00.92]Baby I'm tryna recover our relationship [00:03.66]こんな意味ない口論I never wanna fight like this [00:07.63]Don't you know why I'm tryna recover our relationship [00:11.32]Baby I wish you to realize it毎

Kosheen Hungry歌词

11/07 01:14
You're like a child with old eyes Cynical and sensible, always full of surprises You've travelled far and wide Looking for the feeling, lost inside you They don't understand you, no Until it's too late With everything they've handed you On a silver p

Kosheen Little Boy歌词

10/12 16:37
Settle down And take the heat off You're too busy spinning in your head You surround me in circles You're too eager to run further Little boy Just imagine All the danger that lies ahead You're a child, so pay attention Pay attention Take your time It

Kosheen Wasting My Time歌词

10/05 07:56
[ti:Wasting My Time] [ar:Boomkat] [al:] [00:-0.50]I don't think you understand [00:20.19]That what your doing is not so cool [00:26.78]You think it's funny to mess with my mind [00:34.83]Don't you [00:42.99]You know I like you so you just tease me [0

Kosheen Hide U歌词

05/27 07:23
Ref: If you were in my heart, I'd surely not break you If you were beside me, and my love would take you I'll keep you in safety, forever protect you I'll Hide U away from the world you rejected I'll Hide U I'll Hide U If you were in my heart, I'd su

Kosheen Overkill歌词

01/25 05:41
Back and forth Back and forth Back and forth Back and forth Is it over now? Over something that you overheard It's over dramatized Over complicated, over here All your clever talk Leaves you tongue tied It's overkill You wanna fix it with your hands

Kosheen Under Fire歌词

01/19 20:53
Looking out the window, it's beautiful out there Give me reasons to remember Summer trees are stripped and almost bare It's a late September Come the sun to kiss it better Thank god for understanding It seemed that we were under you It looked like yo