Kid Mountain

Kid Mountain Laughing All Your Laughs Out歌词

12/24 00:53
There's crows on the corpse of your childhood no one saw it coming like you should've would've could've and when the young bucks try and touch you when you're alone and then I'll see that and try to ease up myself But when you're up in the mountains

Kid Mountain Parashootin歌词

02/23 14:37
I would rather you with than without me Let it out of the dark so the pines can see I would rather be hurt than be sappy but you're like the cats meow meow purrrrrrrrr and when you've fallen behind just be happy that you know winters fall is winters

Kid Mountain Vermont歌词

02/17 02:58
Ner ner ner ding ding bolla bing bong Ner ner ner ding dong balla bing bong 专辑:Happies 歌手:Kid Mountain 歌曲:Vermont