Kettle Whistle

Jane's Addiction Kettle Whistle歌词

11/20 09:05
What makes a kettle whistle? What makes gold precious? They'll show you everything? They don't like nothing at all? Well I know why We all want to be Beautiful too Beautiful too So beautiful too Beautiful too What makes a baby cry? What makes a poor

Jane's Addiction My Cat's Name Is Maceo [edit/demo version]歌词

10/27 10:28
My cat's name is Maceo He's a little man in a cats body He yawns just like I do He's convinced I won't eat him I think he thinks that I'm his dad Because I saved him from the pound Well we went down Down to the pound and that's where we saw Maceo Cat

Jane's Addiction Ocean Size [demo version]歌词

09/27 21:47
Wish I was ocean size They cannot move you No one tries No one pulls you Out from your hole Like a tooth aching a jawbone... I was made with a heart of stone To be broken With one hard blow I've seen the ocean Break on the shore It ain't easy living.

Jane's Addiction Stop! [live]歌词

01/25 16:06
Save the complaints for a party conversation. The world is loaded, it's lit to pop and nobody is gonna stop... No one... No one! No way! Gonna stop, now; go! Farm people, book wavers, soul savers, love preachers! Lit to pop and nobody is gonna stop.