Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter Change Of Time歌词

12/13 03:44
I had a dream last night. I dreamt that I was swimming And the stars up above. Directionless and drifting Somewhere in the dark.Were the sirens and the thunder And around me as I swam. The drifters who'd gone under Time love Time love Time love.... I

Josh Ritter Evil Eye歌词

11/29 13:31
He'll laugh and say that he can't sleep And he don't know the reason why Maybe it's the evil eye Oh, that awful evil eye Remember how he used to hold you close Now in the middle of the night Oh, the evil eye Oh, that awful evil eye Someone must reall

Josh Ritter Bright Smile 歌词

11/26 02:58
Now my work is done I feel I'm owed some joy Oh Imogene and Abelard I'm your homeward boy But there's another one Who brings me to your door And the boat she weaved from the tidal reeds Was always tied to shore [Chorus] With bright smiles and dark ey

Josh Ritter Joy To You Baby歌词

11/18 01:52
I go to the parties Throw my hands in the air I drink what they pour me The cups of who cares Go up in the night sky Up in the clouds Fly over the houses I'm looking down Joy to the city Joy to the streets And joy to you baby, wherever you sleep Toni

Josh Ritter Kathleen歌词

11/14 03:00
All the other girls here are stars?you are the Northern Lights They try to shine in through your curtains?you're too close and too bright They try and they try but everything that they do Is the ghost of a trace of a pale imitation of you I'll be the

Josh Ritter Darlin歌词

10/06 00:47
How much do you think How many tears do you have to drink How much do I have left How much blood in one's last chest Darling will you let me call you darling Will you let me call you darling Please Darling will you let me call you darling When will y

Josh Ritter In Your Arms Again歌词

10/01 17:16
And oh, what a thrill it was To be in your arms again And oh, what a thrill it was To be in those arms And all those plans I had, all they did was hold me down Those plans I had, they can't hold me now That I am back In your arms again And I who had

Josh Ritter The Temptation of Adam歌词

09/16 21:04
If this was the Cold War we could keep each other warm I said on the first occasion that I met Marie We were crawling through the hatch that was the missile silo door And I don't think that she really thought that much of me I never had to learn to l

Josh Ritter Hopeful歌词

09/02 00:55
Supposedly it was a wise wise man who said it's better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all, never to have loved. How many times does the truth that you take to be true Is just truth falling apart at the same speed as you Until it a

Josh Ritter Moon River歌词

07/31 10:02
Moon river, wider than a mile I'm crossing you in style some day Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker Wherever you're goin', I'm goin' your way Two drifters, off to see the world There's such a lot of world to see We're both lookin' for the rainbow's e

Josh Ritter Folk Bloodbath歌词

07/27 02:16
Louis Collins took a trip out west When he returned, little Delia had gone to rest The angels laid her away Louis said to Delia "That's the sad thing with life, There's people always leavin' just as other folks arrive" The angels laid her away W

Josh Ritter See Me Through歌词

05/31 01:44
Around me the shadows Of women and men And they all walk right through me And I walk through them And I cast by my back And I cannot believe that I'm One of the lucky ones You happened to see me through The trouble will remain my See me through As th

Josh Ritter Here at the Right Time歌词

05/30 16:06
Under wide blue skies There's a place to lie For me and Evelyn to hide tonight I'll try my best to make a go But I'm not sure what I don't know Oh chariots, if you're out there Please swing low Tell me I got here at the right time If I did it's proba

Josh Ritter In the Dark歌词

05/25 13:07
We started looking for you In the darker caves We had a lot of love We thought would light the way We saw the wrecks of buildings And ships that sank in starlight We saw the ghosts of angels That spoke of falls from tremendous heights Don't you leave

Josh Ritter Girl in the War歌词

05/15 03:29
Josh Ritter - Girl In The War The Animal Years (2006) By:西瓜太郎 Peter said to Paul you know all those words we wrote Are just the rules of the game and the rules are the first to go But now talking to God is Laurel begging Hardy for a gun I got a girl

Josh Ritter California歌词

03/28 17:08
California - Josh Ritter Going out to California Gonna let the water warm my clothes I'm alone but I'm not lonely Gonna trade the weather for the Western coast No don't cry I'll be back and I'll Bring the sun to shine In your eyes On your shoulders S

Josh Ritter Another New world歌词

03/26 03:45
The leading lights of the age all wondered among themselves what I would do next, After all that I'd found, in my travels around the world, was there anything left? "Gentlemen," I said, "I've studied the maps, and if what I am thinking is

Josh Ritter Me & Jiggs歌词

03/22 05:21
me and jiggs staring at the ceiling the stars above the radar range Song from a station wagon laying foundations on the shadows of overpassing planes I'm feeling good, at seven o'clock we're gonna drive across the county line And find Saturday night

Josh Ritter Why歌词

02/16 15:19
Why can't you try to be happy? Why must you always be sad? Why spend your only life waitin' To have what you know you can have? Why spend your only life hopin'? What a torture to be always blue, darlin'. Why spend your only life waiting To do what yo

Josh Ritter A Certain Light歌词

01/31 22:49
My new lover, sweet and kind The kind of lover that one rarely finds And I'm happy for the first time, in a long time Came along and opened up the door And though I know I've been in love before Oh I feel it, so much more, than the last time And she