James Blunt

James Blunt Face The Sun歌词

11/30 14:51
Yes, this love's not good enough Is time to let it go Our weary hearts just fall apart, I feel it in my bones And God knows That it's hard to find the one But in time, All the flowers turn to face the sun So silently just walk with me, Like any other

James Blunt Heart Of Gold歌词

11/19 16:51
James Blunt - Heart of Gold ( Lyrics by lu8799533@MaxRNB ) Maximal R&B - Your First R&B Source! This time her mind is made up, yeah she's moving on It's not like her spirit's crushed, it's just she don't belong Maybe she thinks too much She thinks

James Blunt These Are The Words歌词

10/16 22:59
James Blunt - These Are The Words Tender was my lover from the suburbs of town We were sweethearts from college she was always around We were good for each other but some things they just don't work out There were tears in my eyes when she walked awa

James Blunt Trail of Broken Hearts歌词

10/12 08:34
Someone be my witness that she walked away Say I said things that I didn't say, Broke my heart and said, she don't love me, she don't love me Someone, uuhu see the sad eye that I can see And all she is it's just a fantasy, Damn her for what she said,

James Blunt Smoke Signals歌词

09/30 20:37
One by one they, pass me by And I've used up my supplies Out of water; Out of hope Can't make fire; Only smoke Here I am alone in silence Cast away on a desert island A traveller in ocean; lost at sea Smoke signals in the night sky Hope you see them

James Blunt No Tears歌词

09/17 07:52
Don't I know it. Nobody has to say. I've been lucky. Guess I was born that way. I thank my father. His absence has made me strong. Then I love my mother but she had troubles with God. No tears, for the life that you've led, You've had angels in your

James Blunt Dangerous (Deniz Koyu & Johan Wedel Rmx)歌词

07/25 08:58
I'll be hanging on your heartache Enough rope for my sake and losing everytime I'll be wrapped around your finger, let the moment linger See you on the other side I'll be wrapped around your finger, let the moment linger See you on the other side 专辑:

James Blunt Miss America (Acoustic Version from Angel Studios)歌词

06/10 12:52
Did someone give you something to help you ease the pain Like the liquor in the bottle we watched you slip away And I feel like if I know you through the buzz of a song Always surrounded but alone But no goodbyes you'll always be Miss America We watc

James Blunt Bonfire Heart (Live At Reeperbahn Festival 2013)歌词

05/18 23:08
[Verse 1:] Your mouth is a revolver Firing bullets in the sky Your love is like a soldier, Loyal 'til you die And I've been looking at the stars For a long, long time I've been putting out fires All my life Everybody wants a flame, They don't want to

James Blunt 1973 (Live From Max Sessions, Sydney )歌词

05/12 03:00
1973 (Acoustic) Simona You're getting older Your journey's been Etched on your skin Simona Wish I had known that What seemed so strong Has been and gone I will call you up every Saturday night And we both stayed out 'til the morning light And we sang

James Blunt Love, Love, Love (Album Version)歌词

05/04 14:50
I'm not looking for us and neither should you Absolutely gorgeous, that nothing I say is true You won't find yourself in these guilty eyes Coz I'll love anybody who's fool enough to believe You're just one of many who broke their heart on me And so I

James Blunt The Only One歌词

05/01 12:52
Did all the words I never said, Hurt as bad as those I did? You know I never even cared, Not before you If I could go and turn back time If I could only press rewind, I would bleed this heart of mine, Just to show you And I'll be the first to say I'm

James Blunt Give Me Some Love (Live)歌词

04/29 23:35
James Blunt - Give Me Some Love Lyrics Me and my guitar play my way It makes them frown But little pieces by the highway Bring me down Mine is not a heart of stone I am only skin and bone And those little pieces are little pieces of my own Why don't

James Blunt Miss America歌词

03/17 07:43
Did someone give you something to help you ease the pain? Like the liquor in the bottle, we watched you slip away. And I feel as if I know you through the bars of a song. Always surrounded but alone. But no goodbyes, you'll always be Miss America. We

James Blunt If Time Is All I Have歌词

03/12 01:24
When you wake up Turn the radio on And you'll hear this simple song That I made up That I made up for you When you're driving Turn the radio up Cause I can't sing loud enough Hard these days To get my message through If time is all I have I'll waste

James Blunt Satellites (Acoustic Version from Angel Studios)歌词

03/05 16:08
She's another victim of life, we've come to know, Technology, celebrity, all the things you cannot hold She's from a long lost tribe looking for the light Or a friend to hold her hand She's doing the best she can Seems that everyone we knows is Out t

James Blunt Carry You Home (Live)歌词

02/08 06:21
Trouble is her only friend and he's back again. Makes her body older than it really is. She says it's high time she went away, No one's got much to say in this town. Trouble is the only way is down. Down, down. As strong as you were, tender you go. I

James Blunt Breathe歌词

02/07 19:09
Take this bloody war of mine away I'm lost for words to say Will they greet me at dawn Take these muddy thoughts that are my walls I'm not ready for the call That will greet me at dawn I just take what someone wants Race when I'm in fronts Break what

James Blunt Postcards歌词

01/20 12:46
Sundays sitting on your back porch And I came up with a couple of cords And I played for you You let me keep you entertained With stories I exaggerate That you know aren't true And as you sit there making daisy chains And I throw in a hand granate An

James Blunt Always Hate Me歌词

01/16 11:12
Oh God it hurt the moment that I saw you Was someone else the one that you belonged to I never thought I'd drown in my shallow heart I'd like to say the things I never used to But come today they won't ever be useful I never learned to use my shallow