Insania Times Of Glory歌词

09/09 20:36
When I'm thinking of the life that we have lived, I realize that times are gone. When words were spoken out, but little was achieved. But now a new life has begun. Cause deep inside our hearts, a feeling is growing strong. That we have so much left t

Peter Andre Insania歌词

02/21 18:48
Take a look around At what technology is found Is what we need or are we killing the scene? Dictated by the screen No more following your dreams The worlds become a difficult place to be Where are we going? Does anyone care? Hold on to real love? The

Insania Angels of the Sky歌词

01/05 21:15
[ti:Angels of the Sky] [ar:Insania] [al:Sunrise in Riverland] [ly:] [mu:] [ma:] [pu:] [by:ttpod] [total:497502] [offset:0] [00:22.006]Angels of the Sky - Insania [00:24.273] [00:24.699] [00:38.065]The night is coming early The sun has left us for an