In Flames

In Flames Scorn歌词

12/18 05:21
[ti:Scorn] [ar:Portishead] [al:Glory Times (2 of 2)] [00:23.46] [00:31.19]I'm so tired of playing [00:35.89] [00:35.90]Playing with this bow and arrow [00:39.06] [00:39.07]Gonna give my heart away [00:42.10] [00:42.11]Leave it to the other girls to p

In Flames Subterranean歌词

12/09 09:21
My tears fall like rain From the longlasting pain When I look at your eyes My heart just dies Beauty divine I hope you'll be mine Open your arms For all time All dressed in white Bringer of light Spend time with me All through the night Beauty divine

In Flames Suburban Me歌词

11/10 07:11
The self-inflicted state of mind A one-man struggle beneath the tower I think the clock still exist God just forgot to tap my shoulder I woke up today I wish I felt something The odor of my apathy Just might be true I want to be the things I see The

In Flames Lunar Strain歌词

11/04 10:32
For there is a purpose and reason Beyond all human apprehension The shrieking silence in the blackness of space Than life on this planet A knowledge in tune with the progress of stars Lunar Strain All across the milky way Life suffers defeat Life tha

In Flames Dismiss the Cynics歌词

08/03 22:04
Will we find a solution? When we add all the numbers? Like they are supposed to be? But no is close... Start all over! If we fail our expectations We will fall into the deepest void Is there a limit to how many times We will dust ourselves off? The m

In Flames Morphing Into Primal歌词

07/17 18:59
Detonation Fireworks and alchemy Genes spliced and triggered Into the future and her organic cave Seismorgasmic omnipotence Scenes of magma in my eyes Eruption stones my system I owe this to the animal inside And the stiffness that blocks out the day

In Flames Minus歌词

07/17 01:15
Drug me, infiltrate my never land Like the floodtide drowning the shore Drug me, you're all over me Watch my blood begin to boil I love that lullaby Start me up again Electric spine Open mind I leave you, negative behind Watch me all in flames, on a

In Flames F(r)iend歌词

05/23 22:53
[ti:F(r)iend] [ar:In Flames] [al:Soundtrack To Your Escape] [00:03.80] [00:05.87]F(r)iend [00:07.19] [00:09.25]BY IN Flames [00:13.51] [00:29.17]as they all felt the fire [00:31.59]they turned me into an outsider [00:34.52]i never heard from them aga

In Flames Transparent歌词

05/09 20:09
Consume all the obscene Persuade the most hideous and ugly Under every pile and stone A rebirth, for you to find Freedom is to be able to go in any direction So take the uncertain path One foot in the open Ten feet ahead Build your own ladder And don

In Flames Behind Space歌词

05/01 02:52
Call me by my astral name Breeding fear through wordless tongue Heavenly thirst - unspeakable pain Emptied from all human motion Confront the faceless wrath Beckoning silent from a sphere behind space Through twisted ruins of uncompleted dreams Sight

In Flames A New Dawn歌词

04/12 23:13
I dreamed that you had died I'm forever alone I'm weakened, I'm frightened This brings about to change Things you said to me Believe and the things you might find Will turn into a march I stand alone and breathe again I won't stop until this is throu

In Flames Embody the Invisible歌词

03/22 00:04
I demand nothing, but I want it all what privilege do we have under the sun, that gives us the right to the throne? species come and go, but the earth stands forever fast all river runs towards the sea, but the sea is never full to discover the lonel

In Flames Behind Space (Live)歌词

02/22 17:34
Call me by my astral name Breeding fear through wordless tounge Heavenly thirst - unspeakable pain Emptied from all human motion Confront the faceless wrath Beckoning silent from a sphere behind space Through twisted ruins of uncompleted dreams Sight

In Flames Episode 666歌词

02/16 23:51
Fasten the left hand belts Remember not to think too much And your trip will be numbingly pleasant Non-caring is the easiest way But to secure a passage to the 2nd plane Their dead-smile lips turn on their TV While urban gravestones scrape the skies

In Flames Eraser (Non-Album Track)歌词

02/14 08:06
[ti:Eraser] [ar:In Flames] [al:A Sense Of Purpose] [00:23.64] [00:41.90] [00:59.13] [01:18.23] [01:41.75] [02:00.24] [02:33.68] [02:58.87] [00:01.55]In Flames - Eraser [00:26.23]Consume, just like a worm, [00:29.94]Catch a glimpse of the sun through

In Flames Touch of Red歌词

02/07 21:37
Reacking depths of clarity I'm not supposed to be like this I should be on the top of the world is anybody out there kile me? I followed - Something's missed Self control - Forcing me down Wishpers consume the air Above her I'm endless When the rain

In Flames Where the Dead Ships Dwell (the Qemists Remix)歌词

02/02 15:36
The picture slowly fades, The walls are closing in, And there I was, cursing the ground, Unable to understand I won't let the world break me So I need to change direction Nothing special I'm far from perfect Light the way for me Feel I was running an

In Flames Graveland歌词

01/14 05:57
(Jesper, Glenn) Mankind - proud conqueror and king Swings it's flag of primal glory to the winds Titans of the power-myth that failed Neanderthal hunger for the flash of war so frail So weak, so hollow-minded The primat flock responds The jester race

In Flames Drifter歌词

01/08 00:35
It's hard to believe You could be such a disease I can no longer separate what is real Hope that fate will find me safe All my reflections laugh at me You made me hide my name It just feels bad to say, That there'll be another day What you wanted was

In Flames Dead Eternity歌词

01/02 03:29
You´ll never be alone again You´ll never die again You´ll never be born again You´ll forever be, stuck here in eternity They call me existence You have just entered through the gate To your journey towards eternity This part I control In the beginnin