I Fell in Love

Carlene Carter One Love歌词

12/19 06:44
Time and time again I've tried To give it up and stop my rovin' eye I think I'd really like to settle down But I can't find a man to keep my feet from running 'round One love, one love, one great big love One love, one love, one great big love One lo

Carlene Carter I Fell in Love歌词

10/08 04:48
"Hey, I hit town without a clue Minding my business like I always do Just my luck I ran smack into you And I never could've known it would be like this You got the kind of charm that I can't resist I figure what's the harm in a little bitty kiss or t

Rachel Goodrich I Fell in Love歌词

10/02 22:26
I Fell In Love - Rachel Goodrich I fell in love with your eyes When we first met Honey, when we first met And i didn't know it at the time, you'd make me a mess Honey, you make me a mess Well its the consequence of love can't tell when enough is enou

Susan Tedeschi I Fell In Love歌词

09/10 09:08
The first time I saw him I melted on the floor Never had I seen a man like this before I fell in love Oh, I fell in love The next thing I knew I fell in love with you The first time we went out He took me to a dance I knew that this was gonna be one

Carlene Carter Me and the Wildwood Rose歌词

05/12 16:37
(Carlene Carter) In my Grandma's house her children would sing Guitars a twangin' and their laughter would ring I was little but I was the biggest kid I wanted to do what the grown-ups did In a big shiny car we'd head down the road To sing for the mi

Alasdair Roberts I Fell in Love歌词

01/06 20:45
I fell in love with the roll of her drum, Fell in love with her horn's blaring noise. And I fell in love with her lute's gentle strum, And I fell in love with her voice. Polly lay over, so close to the wall, When I opened my mouth for to sing. And my