Flesh Field Haven歌词

12/29 20:07
Your face is always clear. It's not difficult to see you. To me you're just a mirror, Reflecting whom I always knew. You're not the only one who's afraid of the world outside. You're not the only one who's given in to fear and tried to hide. My hands

Dark Tranquillity Not Built to Last歌词

10/03 00:33
Dark Tranquillity Not Built To Last music: Jivarp, Henriksson, Brandstrom by fyongcu What comes as no surprise To a jaded mind no less Insight comes from soothing grace Left to waiting days Another chord unstrummed Our secret's safe and sound Solid n

Haven Wouldn't Change a Thing歌词

08/19 02:35
All these times we stop and wonder How it all has come to past I keep hurting someone Open wide your eyes are looking That everything has been held back Lead loves in Until now I've been walking Passing the side Well i'm sure that I.. i wouldn't chan

Dark Tranquillity At Loss for Words歌词

08/02 10:23
Waiting for Waiting for the signs to bring The first to sing Felt inbetween these fears Set to unknown tunes So tempt these fragile fiends A grace gone dark You'll never know You'll never feel You'll never taste The depths of your defeat Break into t

Dark Tranquillity Fabric歌词

07/28 18:50
[music: Brandstrom] scattered throughout now indefinite form willed to find strangers in the wickedest state when it comes upon you my friend fear not - it makes us men hidden within ourselves now lured into hiding out of sight creation in purity we

Haven Where Is the Love歌词

06/26 06:53
With all the feelings so high I'm losing, losing my mind but our love, I'll come and find you keep all the reasons inside I'm wasting, wasting my time but our love we'll see it there, the pain is so clear drifting, leaves me feeling that I run with a

Flook The Tortoise and the Hare歌词

03/25 07:53
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Haven 歌手:Flook 歌曲:The Tortoise and the Hare

Dark Tranquillity The Wonders at Your Feet歌词

02/25 23:55
Deeper shades of red descending Smear our names, the stains unending Turn forgiveness With the lens distorted Crush the infidel and turn about Famine in our heart Bring up the silence louder Eradicate the lungs and take us higher These are the wonder

Dark Tranquillity Indifferent Suns歌词

02/09 20:57
And although it can be argued If you never can see the end In the giving of our hope eternal We stumble blindly and forget the way Is there ever time for answers All along we keep staring at the sun Closing our minds Saying we're the ones All along w

Dark Tranquillity Haven歌词

02/03 10:52
[music: Jivarp, Henriksson] now as the lights go down deeper now it seems than long before there are no noises here just a silence gone bad something I will never hide this urging need to invite the darkside in into my haven if there were words for t