Hammerfall Blood Bound歌词

12/23 09:55
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:04.71]Hammerfall [00:06.54]Blood Bound [00:08.39]木乃伊 [00:10.30]407628646 [00:20.92]Countdown, descending down to the zero [00:25.30]Bursting into flames [00:28.19]Can't you see the coming of a hero [00:32.11]On this enchanting d

Hammerfall Bang Your Head歌词

12/06 17:39
In 1981, the metal struck like thunder The harmonious noise all linked in one voice A croon across the nation My soul was ripped and torn and I couldn't resist the power The music I heard, the thunderous words My gate to liberation It made us rock it

Hammerfall Renegade歌词

11/30 01:53
See the outlaw stands alone beneath the burning sun The raging badlands now is his home There's no sign of victory, he lost his liberty and the only woman that he loved An outlaw chasing outlaws, a runner in the night By the radiant moon he will stri

Hammerfall The Unforgiving Blade歌词

11/24 18:57
When the sky is turning black, you fear the dawn Your inner voice compels you, but you' re all alone Thy secret sense lies still obscure within your shattered dreams, And all you can do is scream Long ago you spoke the words of heresy Twenty years of

Hammerfall Rebel Inside歌词

11/13 18:26
A battle with pride and ego. A journey that started long ago. Life time of passion and war. Rebel Inside. Legends in our lifetime. We have our hearts set in the past. And eyes towards the future. Rebel Inside. The thunder 5 are riding once again. Hel

Hammerfall In Memoriam歌词

10/24 15:34
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:07.30]Alfred, Lord Tennyson [00:07.31 [00:07.32] [00:07.33]Oh yet we trust that somehow good [00:13.29]Will be the final goal of ill, [00:19.57]at last, far off, at last, to all, [00:26.39]and every winter turn to spring. [00:33

Hammerfall Living in Victory歌词

10/07 08:13
Do you remember how we used to say Everything around us are made of clay We were the Kings and the others the fools, playing by our rules Adorned with golden shapes and silver dreams You count the seconds, every moment seems like your lost to the sta

Hammerfall Head Over Heels歌词

09/19 18:07
[ti:Head Over Heels] [ar:Hammerfall] [al:Masterpieces] [00:00.94]Hammerfall - Head Over Heels [00:20.50] [00:35.77] [00:44.72]Late at night in the park [00:47.56] [00:49.18]I saw them slipping in the dark [00:52.34] [00:53.58]For heaven sake what's g

Hammerfall Remember Yesterday歌词

07/23 18:39
It seems so hard to carry on When you hear a voice From long ago, so bittersweet Even though I try, I can not Read between the lines You know I tried, Oh, yes, I tried, what´s wrong Too late to turn back time To look over my shoulder Maybe one day I

Hammerfall Eternal Dark歌词

07/07 14:48
[ti:Eternal Dark] [ar:Hammerfall] [al:Masterpieces] [00:00.94]Hammerfall - Eternal Dark [00:13.75] [00:15.73] [02:04.67][00:16.78]Living in the shadows [02:06.18][00:18.62]Live a life of sins [02:08.24][00:20.61]Now you feel the pressure [02:10.36][0

Hammerfall Angel of Mercy歌词

07/06 03:20
Angel Of Mercy There's never been any reason or escape for the treason You just think of a time far away I feel your flame and your anguish I know your plans and your last wish You just can't face another day Angel of Mercy, take her to your homeland

Hammerfall I Want Out (Helloween Cover)歌词

07/02 15:18
From our lives' beginning on We are pushed in little forms No one asks us how we like to be In school they teach you what to think But everyone says different things But they're all convinced that They're the ones to see So they keep talking and they

Hammerfall The Outlaw歌词

06/24 09:57
It started with the holy water rising to a boil The crops went bad, no life coul breed, beneath the rotten soil Imprisoned for his make beliefs, impending dire views Became accountable for every flaw, spread the news Disturbing dreams of the future -

Hammerfall Flight Of The Warrior歌词

05/05 03:35
Thundering down from the mountain you ride Clutching a sword made of steel The ones you call friends they all left you for dead Alone on the battlefield many were at your command Renegade souls on your command Holding each life in your hand Living fo

Hammerfall The Metal Age歌词

03/27 21:52
Icy water on my hands The roar of thunder everywhere I close my eyes, I realize I'm far away from home In the Twilight Zone, the shadows mourn Out of the night came the shining The Metal Age Ivory towers conceal my eyes Caught up in a long lost time

Hammerfall No Sacrifice, No Victory歌词

03/05 20:06
Sacrifice - Victory No Sacrifice - No Victory Once there was gold at the end of the rainbow Honored by blood we kept searching for more Light turned to dark as we lost what we fought for Sacrifice - Victory No Sacrifice - No Victory Light, brings us

Hammerfall Raise the Hammer歌词

02/23 10:17
Instrumental 专辑:Renegade 歌手:Hammerfall 歌曲:Raise the Hammer

Hammerfall Hammerfall歌词

02/17 11:51
Silent screaming, You're on your own Balancing on a blade between Whats right and what is wrong Don't loose your faith, don't sit there in silence show your strength, let's hail the metal gods, bare your heart All for one, our burning hearts will liv

Hammerfall Punish And Enslave歌词

02/08 11:07
It's midnight, the clock strikes twelve The headlines made it clear Judgment day is near They're crawling down the street Sinking their razor teeth They're knocking on every door Now the steel begins to glow They're vaporizing the earth, no mercy Int

Hammerfall The Dragon Lies Bleeding歌词

01/15 20:31
[ti:The Dragon lies bleeding] [ar:Hammerfall] [al:Glory to the Brave] [00:05.74] [00:25.83]Ride through the valley in thunder and rain [00:28.72]The battle is raging, redeem this domain [00:31.68]The castle of Eden lies silent above [00:35.03]Darknes