Grown & Sexy

Babyface Drama, Love & 'Lationships歌词

12/03 03:03
It's not about whose right, or whose wrong It's not about whose weaker, or whose strong It's not about whose innocent, or whose fault It ain't really 'bout that kind of thing at all It's not about who does it, who done it, or did it to who Don't matt

Babyface God Must Love U歌词

11/14 03:52
god must love u babyface wellington nz joe zhang god must love you i said to myself cause you are more beautiful than anybody else god must adore you it's easy to tell must be wonderful to wake up to yourself and the moment i saw you had a vibe that'

Babyface Grown & Sexy歌词

11/02 05:02
grown & sexy babyface he be playing you like you was a drive-thru (looking for that quick love to go) i wonder when was the last time he held you (i bet you don't even know) he barely talks to you bet he don't even know your number got you on auto-di

Babyface Sorry for the Stupid Things歌词

10/15 18:59
Sometimes we wish for the better When we have it good as it gets Sometimes the grass isn't greener Soon as we find out, we forget Sometimes the fool doesn't know he's a fool Sometimes a dog he don't know he's a dog Sometimes I do stupid things to you

Babyface The Loneliness歌词

10/02 18:52
Im sitting here 我坐在这里 Thinking bout 想着 How im gon-na do without you around in my life 要是没有你的日子,我该怎么过 and how am I I gon' get by 而我也不知所措 I ain't got no days Just lonely nights 我每天过着没有白天,只有孤单黑夜的日子 You want the truth 你想要事实, Well girl im not alright 好吧女孩

Babyface She歌词

07/10 21:43
First time I saw her it was heaven Prettiest thing I'd ever seen I knew from that moment she was the only girl, I love her That's when she gave her heart to me She belongs to you and me She's the angel in our dreams Thank you lucky stars, she fell in

Babyface Tonight It's Goin' Down歌词

07/05 00:23
〓 蓝色之夜 music Yeah (Tonight it's goin down) You know we've been waiting much to long for this girl, it's time to get it on Yeah, old school style (Tonight it's goin down) Keep it grown, keep it sexy, come on I've been waiting on you forever I'm not gu

Babyface Goin' Outta Business歌词

06/22 17:47
gong out of business--babyface you can take your usher cd ima take my luther with me you can take jaheim (as if i'd let you take my pendergrass) you can keep that ghetto chain (betta leave that diamond ring) you might as well get used to it (no more

Babyface Mad, Sexy, Cool歌词

06/13 10:50
baby, oh yeah baby, oh yeah You don't ever bring no drama to the game and my drama don't be scaring you away you dont ever talk to much exactly just enough you know how and when and where and what to say it aint like i gotta tell you your so fine (yo

Babyface Good to Be in Love歌词

05/21 16:56
It's a good day even though we argued last Monday We made up again by late Thursday Making love as sweet as red kool-aid It's a good day even though I hated you Wednesday I didn't like the things you said to me But I forgot it all by next Tuesday And

Babyface Can't Stop Now歌词

05/03 22:27
babyface-can't stop now al:grown and sexy by:miau now i got you all alone nobody else is home don't you like it when i kiss it a thousand times all up and down your thighs all around it take off your clothes and come to me i want to make your body fe