Good Thing

Gareth Gates Good Thing歌词

10/01 06:28
歌手:gareth gates 专辑:what my heart wants to say 歌词:歌曲:Good Thing 歌手:Gareth Gates Gareth Gates-Good Thing Album:What My Heart Wants To Say I was looking for a new direction you gotta keep moving for you're own protection haven't got no love to stay in l

Fine Young Cannibals Good Thing歌词

09/23 23:53
The one good thing in my life Has gone away, I don't know why She's gone away, I don't know where Somewhere I cannot follow her The one good thing didn't stay too long My back was turned and she was gone Good thing Where have you gone? My good thing

Sam Smith Good Thing歌词

08/07 10:10
I had a dream I was mugged outside your house I had a dream in a panic you came running out For a moment you were sure I'd die on you For a moment I believed you loved me too But life is never like this, and you were never strong Too much of a good t