Chrisette Michele Golden歌词

12/22 13:51
[ti:GOLD] [ar:B'z] [al:] [00:-0.50]GOLD [00:24.65]唄 B'z [00:42.38]空を 黄金色に [00:47.85]潤(うる)ませて [00:50.01]陽が消えてゆく [00:53.80]街はざわめき [00:58.72]今日の事 振り返る [01:05.23]みんなの [01:10.74]声が 聞こえたかい [01:16.62]一人でも恐くない [01:22.14]気がついただろう [01:28.13]誰より一番あなたが [01:34.22

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun Golden歌词

12/04 05:25
Golden - The Boy Who Trapped The Sun Took a shot at living just like everybody else, I've got shirts and i've got shoes, I've got things I love, not But like you, Not like you. If we sat together perched like two red blinking birds, And the last man

Scars On 45 Golden歌词

10/25 22:40
i can be what you want me to be, i can act how you need me to act, I am caught by the space in between, words you've not spoken, the words you've not spoken, together were golden everything will be alright together were golden as long there's you by

Canidas Embrace歌词

10/21 08:43
My heart is pounding Unrealistic move Slack and retarded Like you Forcing me into this Pathetic deed My heart is pounding Untrue Run and be lost Flee and it costs Take and you'll pay That's where I lay My heart is pounding Unexpected move Back where

Canidas Asylum歌词

10/08 08:56
I do all this sleeping for you I do all this sleeping for you I do all this sleeping for you Want you show up in my dream If i beg you, please I do all this sleeping for you I do all this sleeping for you I do all this sleeping for you I do all this

My Morning Jacket Golden歌词

08/10 06:15
"Watchin' this stretch of road, Miles of light explode, Driftin' off the thing I've never done before. Watchin' the crowd roll in, Out go the lights, It Begins. Feeling in my bones I've never felt before. People always told me, That bars are dark &am

Paige Morgan High Life歌词

08/03 14:25
The sky is falling, nobody's calling And I really don't care I get to trippin' you steady clippin' And I really don't care I can't be bothered with things that they say Get up at sundown rock steady all day Down you can see that I got the high life,

Fall Out Boy Golden歌词

07/28 00:05
Fall Out Boy - Golden ★ How cruel is the golden rule? When the lives we lived are only golden-plated And I knew that the lights of the city were too heavy for me And though I carry karats for everyone to see And I saw God cry in the reflection of my

Canidas Tsunami Tears歌词

07/27 14:55
in this holy emptiness i am yearning searching for my bitterness got me learning i can't beat you to feel the same don't have the knowledge enter a state of guilt and shame kind of bondage when you came through that door this was burning i feel and i

Parade of Lights Burn歌词

07/15 13:41
Caught you walking up tonight, Looking right into my eyes, Know you've got an evil side, I'll forget that if you like, You're like fire, fire, You're like fire, fire, So come on, lets ride, we'll take on the world tonight You're like fire, fire, Let'

Silly Wizard Golden, Golden歌词

05/20 21:49
Slowly, slowly, walk the path, And you might never stumble or fall. Slowly, slowly, walk the path, And you might never fall in love at all. Lonely, lonely, is the heart That ne'er another can call its own. Lonely, lonely, lies the part That has to li

Canidas Lastexit歌词

05/19 18:06
Instrumental 专辑:Golden 歌手:Canidas 歌曲:Lastexit

Paige Morgan Never Change歌词

05/16 09:23
I'll never change Like the sun that comes after the rain Cause I'll stay the same While others always killing a change I'll never never never change my ways I'll never never never change my ways I'll never never never change my ways I'll never never

Kyler England Golden歌词

04/04 16:27
Golden the sun is pouring in over your shoulder lights up the four walls you've been living in every moment passing you are getting older sometimes you don't know where to begin but today is going to be different yeah today you know your heart today

Canidas P.M.W歌词

03/05 18:31
Instrumental 专辑:Golden 歌手:Canidas 歌曲:P.M.W

Canidas Opt歌词

02/26 02:05
You found me swimming I'm pulling you down deeper Than you ever were You have found yourself Drowning in my sea With nothing to cling on but fear When you give up You'll see the satisfaction of Beeing swept away Sink is like falling The darkness is u

Laura Jansen Golden歌词

02/20 00:30
When nothig holds, when all the light are turn away Deep in the dark like years, you feel like years from yestarday There's still a spark a million sparks like the hole sky Cause it's all a work of stars We are golden, we are golden And they're far t

Lady Antebellum Golden歌词

02/07 22:36
The sunset falls in Wichita Yellow dances through the blue The wheat fields catch a glimpse of Heaven Makes me think of you Even when you're miles away You're always on my mind Lord,knows you're in my heart Even when i close my eyes you are golden Pr

Paige Morgan Paralyzed歌词

02/05 06:21
Invincible just beautiful We're running wild like animals Unchainable insatiable This is what they said To go looking for I believe in running free And not a manic system Built inside of me I close my eyes Before I fall, before I fall And it makes me

Lady Antebellum Goodbye Town歌词

01/12 01:03
"Goodbye Town" Right there's the high school where we met We'd sneak out back for a couple kisses and a cigarette And that parking lot was our first date And her momma slammed the door when I dropped her off too late She's gone Chasing that high