Future Islands

Future Islands Back In The Tall Grass歌词

12/25 07:55
Home isn't open It's like, when you get there The tracks by the creek bed The minnow's the body Crawdads with their heads down low Back in the tall grass Stinging my cattails oh! Looking for brother It feels like winter But it's the heart of the summ

Future Islands Where I Found You歌词

12/20 22:41
I remember your smile The smell of your skin The way that you walked And laughed And I remember our room And coming home to you I remember our room And you ----- Look back Hold onto the last Don't let today push out the past You've gotta look back, l

Future Islands Seasons (Waiting On You)歌词

11/23 22:58
Seasons change, and I tried hard just to soften you And seasons change, but I've grown tired of trying to change for you Because I've been waiting on you I've been waiting on you Because I've been waiting on you I've been waiting on you As it breaks,

Future Islands Doves歌词

11/13 03:26
We've traded places times before We were built for making love and not for war I'm screaming fire! fire! Watching from the door I'm feeling burnt clean, under your eyes Putting me out Ooh ooh, baby don't hurt no more Ooh ooh, keep from crying Ooh ooh

Future Islands Inch of Dust歌词

10/30 14:25
a part of me you have a part of me you hold apart from me you stand and there's parts that you had stole littering in the cupboards like some pieces of the puzzle a nest just like a mother the dampness of your sweater it's never put together as i wat

Future Islands The Great Fire歌词

10/20 12:41
I can't ask you now But if I could, I'd say the same I can't be the wound you wear to sleep, always I can't watch you dream Beside a fire You made to leave ----- But, if you let me be there, again If you let me be there, again If you let me be there,

Future Islands Before the Bridge歌词

10/01 04:44
I will walk you home, and i will leave you there I'll take the books you stole And leave the heart that bared--this soul I hope you have what you need (I hope the moon is listening) I hope you have what you need (I gave my soul, my body) I hope you h

Future Islands Vireo's Eye歌词

08/26 08:12
A loose, and hazy time When you were not my clementine And I was not you're diamond's eye. Bereft, as daisies lie For our love was lost in style You were strong, I was a child. We, we're not kings here. We're not kings here. We're just strangers. ---

Future Islands Grease歌词

08/24 04:19
We've been here before In a gravel lot, by the back door We move the same We say the same things And the same song plays on the radio ----- Time for the show And the road was long and slow And I'm growing old I was a boy not long ago ----- What happe

Future Islands A Dream Of You And Me歌词

06/10 20:00
I wrestled by the sea A loneliness in me I asked myself for peace And found it at my feet Staring at the sea... All that glitters is gold Don't believe what you've been told People lie, people love, people go But beauty lies in every soul I wrestled

Future Islands The Chase歌词

05/14 05:46
[Verse 1] I take my licks like a man Facing forward I made my bed It wasn't yours How soon we'd forget what we shared You said you'd always be mine I nodded and smiled Tongue out of my head [Chorus 1] Is this love or the love of the chase? Is this lo

Future Islands Spirit歌词

04/06 07:45
Trusted, repeated Candor, uneven – in it's the will to find The right design The form belongs, to no one Holding truth Come see me through Come through the sea To share And bare The light inside of you Don't cast away, don't cast away Don't let them

Future Islands Balance歌词

03/01 14:06
And you can clean around the wound If you want to heal It just takes time And you can go to the moon But if you want something to change You gotta change your life And take your time It just takes time It just takes time It just takes time Hard work

Future Islands Like The Moon歌词

02/19 09:23
She looks like the moon She says, "it's your eyes" She sees everything She knows me too well She looks like the day She says, "it's the light" Something in the way, she says, "goodbye" And she looks like the moon So close and

Future Islands A Song For Our Grandfathers歌词

02/17 08:47
We're a long time In a low place Surrounded by what I've made Need to get away, get away from one place And what was done, 'cause it's all over now Through the woods I go run to the loose leaf And call my name And realize it's not a chase Hear the gh

Future Islands Light House歌词

02/07 23:19
Light House - Future Islands When I couldn't see you for the wall What was that you said? What was that you said, before you called? And when I couldn't catch you for the fall What was that you said? What was that you said? "Nothing hurts this much&q

Future Islands Haunted By You歌词

01/03 16:06
Pensive and quiet Like forever was In a chrysalis, she waits for us And she takes from us Oh sweet life, why give and take from us? It's all for you It's all for truth Feels like I'm holding you down But you won't leave me alone And you're holding me