Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown Oh Yeah歌词

12/25 16:42
Oh Yeah I'm the most critically acclaimed, rap bitch in the game Coast to coast, stash the gat in holster girl Dark skinned, christian dior poster girl Mo' rockin timbs bitch and the gucci loafers girl Niggaz say i'm too pretty to spit rhymes this gr

Foxy Brown Hot Spot歌词

12/15 22:36
Uhh! Guess who's back uhh! Ayo! Crime a crime Let's get it on Emcees want to eat me But it's Rammadan Peep what's on the arm When it's ice it's ice When I'm right, I'm right When your wrong, your wrong I'm tha bomb Records is platinum Skin is bronze

Willie Hutch Theme of Foxy Brown歌词

12/12 02:53
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Foxy Brown The Letter歌词

11/11 09:49
The Letter [ron isley] *shimmering memories.. up in the studio gettin low* *listening... it's the realest shit i've ever wrote* This is a letter From inga To my mother, and my brothers, and my baby [foxy brown] Dear mommy, i apologize I know it's bec

Foxy Brown Fox Boogie歌词

09/09 01:46
[Kid Capri] Ahh yeah... without a doubt! We up in here chillin', this is the Kid Capri And I'm in the house with Foxy Brown For the nine-pound, plus one And we got things goin' on, in a big way in here You know what I'm sayin? So what we gon' do righ

Foxy Brown (Holy Matrimony) Letter to the Firm歌词

07/25 15:07
Uhh, I mean damn Me and you forever hand in hand I'm married to The Firm boo, you got ta understand (understand) I'll die for em, gimme a chair and then I'll fry for em (fry for em) And if I got ta take the stand, I'ma lie for em (lie for em) It's me

Foxy Brown I'll Be歌词

07/05 03:51
[Jay-Z] That's right, papa, that's right How we do, yeah, I'll Na Na Uh huh, uh, come on... [Foxy] What up pop, brace yourself as I ride on top Close your eyes as you ride, right out your socks Double, lose his mind as he grind in the tunnel Wanna gi

Willie Hutch Out There歌词

05/27 18:10
[ti:Out There] [ar:Thirteen Senses] [al:Crystal Sounds] [00:01.17]Thirteen Senses - Out There [00:03.19] [00:11.55]It's colder out there [00:17.66]You know that, don't you dear [00:23.41]It's harder out there [00:29.10]But you know that, don't you de

Foxy Brown Star Cry 歌词

05/16 12:51
Lord have mercy, I'm so controversy Bet you've never seen a star cry I gave you my life My blood, sweat, and tears Hip-hop's bad girl for ten f**kin' years Lord have mercy, I'm so controversy Bet you've never seen a star cry I gave you my life My blo

Foxy Brown We're On Fire ft. Mavado歌词

05/05 06:16
Number one baby Black Hand, Movado, gangsta Ayo, I gotta do this with my stylin' voice Ayo See it's the Louboutin leather pump Don Diva Get my Kevin Chiles on call me Don Diva I'm in the Zac Posen, strapless with the back open Back loc'ing tossing pe

Foxy Brown Get Me Home歌词

03/28 10:38
[Foxy] Yeah... (ahhh *echoes*) Firm biz, what is, Blackstreet Na Na, steady rise, peep this out (Oooh, *bab-bayyy*, gotta get you home with me tonight) (*gotta get you home*) Verse One: Hold up, let's take it from the top, I Fox Gets my swerve on, fl

Foxy Brown The Birth of Foxy Brown歌词

02/22 01:29
Oh shit! Oh my God! This shit hurts! What is it! What is it! Oh fuck is girl! Is a girl! Oh let me hold my baby... You know... They don't fuck messed up know, I mean, I finally got my Chyna Doll... What? A little Foxy! You know Foxy... Mama as ben pu

Foxy Brown Can U Feel Me Baby歌词

02/04 13:00
My peoples is watching you watching me Lots of envy and hate is what it gots to be I heard you tried to destroy my whole monopoly But if I take it to ya face ya 'gon cop a plea I know it but it's cool I know to watch you close But you don't know that

Foxy Brown My Life歌词

01/08 20:01
[Male voice] Fox Five [Althea] Ohhh yeahh, yeah, ooh Yeahhh-yeah-yeah, ohhh, ohhhh [Verse One: Foxy Brown] From the cradle til' now, still Fox, just a little more mature Seen it with my bare eyes, did it all before Been through hell on earth Playin'

Foxy Brown When The Lights Go Out ft. Kira歌词

01/03 02:15
Woah, Ill na na, woah BK, woah One, two, three, four I'm good, buckle up 'cause you know we about to go Take a trip to a place somewhere like outer space Don't be scared, I'm the captain Anything can happen to you boy but I won't hurt you boy My milk