Falling for You

Decemberadio Falling for You歌词

12/25 09:18
DecembeRadio - Falling For You ★ 卜超 Break it down I'm playing a game Giving it all I got for just fortune and fame Get on the bus man where's the stage Life gets crazy when you're in the fast lane Every day I stop and think There's gotta be more to t

Jem Falling for You歌词

09/21 11:04
falling for you jem said there'd be no going back promised myself i'd never be that sad maybe that's why you've come along to show me, it's not always bad coz i can feel it, baby i feel like i'm falling for you but i'm scared to, let go i'm scared co

Busted Falling for You歌词

08/08 11:41
Semester's coming soon So I would like to mention I woke up in my room Alone your always welcome Next week my mum's away So now my futures brightened I'd ask to have you stay If I wasn't so frightened. [Chorus:] I, I'm really falling for you I, hate

Tamia Falling for You歌词

07/16 14:03
Could I be falling for you Is this a fantasy come true Is this a dream that I've waited for Am I the one that you adore Chorus: Whoa, whoa I think I'm falling for you Whoa, whoa, whoa What am I supposed to do 'Cause you make me feel Like I'm falling

Nick Howard Falling for You歌词

07/03 04:59
falling for you - nick howard i start to think about the way you make me smile like pictures in my mind i hold them for a while i'm thinking to myself yes i'm a lucky man i don't believe in fairytales but this time around i can i start to think about

John Stoddart Falling For You歌词

06/24 20:44
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Wings to Walk This Road 歌手:John Stoddart 歌曲:Falling For You

Stevie Hoang Falling for You歌词

03/24 04:13
簈Ρ:Falling for You Fallinˇ for you Fallinˇ for you Fallinˇ for you Baby I've been tryin' to fight it But it's getting stronger everyday Waiting for the perfect moment To let you know that, baby, itˇs been you The only one that got me through And afte

Seabird Falling for You歌词

03/15 02:32
Seabird-Falling For You I hope this song will find you awake 'Cause what I need to say can't wait I've loved you since we were just babes The world can try but we can't change 'Cause I'm fallin', fallin' for you Oh darling, it's finally true I hope t

Ronnie Day Falling For You歌词

02/17 22:13
She calls him early because she knows he'll be asleep She leaves a message after the beep She says she's better now but she's still incomplete She's trying hard to make her voice sound soft and sweet A couple hours pass until he picks up the phone He