El Camino

The Black Keys Nova Baby歌词

12/14 23:28
You walk around in other towns I've seen you out, just hangin' 'round It's what you chose and I suppose You'll need me one day, need me one day You throw away every other dream Taking nova baby to the dollar machine That party dress is such a mess Yo

Elizabeth Cook El Camino歌词

11/04 14:34
I know this guy, he's all wrong for me He wears shirts that are trippin on LSD I must be high as a kite on diesel fumes He got me sportin' bell bottoms and braids to school I never thought he'd get this far Certainly not in THAT kind of funky-ass car

[Alexandros] El Camino歌词

09/22 23:15
I landed on the globe Breath the air I felt my heart beat was pumping up and down Conveying the blood I met a man on globe He was kind of hard to explain Coz he looked like me instead of being someone I was in my house Swimming inside the internet Ab

Adriana Evans All for Love歌词

08/14 05:32
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The Black Keys Money Maker歌词

08/05 02:19
Oh, she wants milk and honey Oh, she wants filthy money But oh, that's not the way it goes I wanna buy some time but don't have a dime Hey my my she's a money maker Hey my my she's gonna take ya Way down down she's bound to break ya Hey may she's a m

The Black Keys Lonely Boy歌词

06/13 14:41
Lonely Boy 寂寞男孩 [歌词] Well I'm so above you 是的,我优秀,我远比你出色 And it's plain to see 这是显而易见的 But I came to love you anyway... 但无论如何我就是那么的爱你... So you pulled my heart out and I don't mind bleedin' 你让我掏心挖肺,但我不在乎流血痛苦 Any old time you keep me waiting, waiting,

The Black Keys Little Black Submarines歌词

04/29 08:14
Little Black Submarines 黑色小潜艇 [歌词] Little black submarines Operator please Put me back on the line Told my girl I'd be back Operator please This is wreckin' my mind 黑色小潜艇 呼叫接线员 快帮我连线 告诉我的女孩我要返航 呼叫接线员 这让我的心在破碎. Oh can it be The voices calling me They

The Black Keys Dead and Gone歌词

04/12 14:39
Nah nah, nah nah, nah nah nah, nah nah Nah nah, nah nah, nah nah nah, nah nah [Whoa oh oh] Alone Why'd you wait him so long? After every single word is said I'm feeling dead and gone Along Don't you drag me along If you do, you know I'll follow you U

Jaya the Cat El Camino歌词

04/08 11:27
But the nice thing about it was, it was a pickup truck, but it was a Chevelle And you could get it with a SS package and up to like a 450 horsepower, 454 engine and a four-speed transmission, positraction rear end, all kinds of sway bars and handle l

The Black Keys Stop Stop歌词

02/25 08:44
You're wound up like a weapon You've got an evil streak They told me to stay away But I was much too weak Yea you gotta stop, stop can't you hear me call And singing gotta stop, stop it girl Yea you gotta stop, stop can't you see me fall And singing

Gipsy Kings El Camino歌词

02/08 02:11
Yo me encuentro triste y solo Y buscando por la calle Mi camino Porque soy un vagabundo En mi tierra, en el mundo Mi Camino Yo me encuentro triste y solo Y buscando por la calle Mi camino El camino, mi camino El camino del verano Y yo soy un vagabund

Salsa Celtica Pa'L Rumberos歌词

02/03 10:55
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The Black Keys Gold on the Ceiling歌词

02/02 20:52
Down in the waves She screams again Roar at the door My mind can't take much more I could never drown They wanna get my... They wanna get my Gold on the ceiling I ain't blind Just a matter of time Before you steal it It's alright Ain't no blood in my

The Black Keys Run Right Back歌词

01/14 19:39
Before she hits the ground She's gonna want to explode Better step aside Better run and hide She holds it all under hood That pretty hair of hers oh Screaming out In an electric shout She's the worst thing I've been addicted to I still run right back