keeno dusk歌词

12/29 19:39
仆は目を闭じて 君に今伝えたいと思った / 我闭上了双眼 好想现在告诉你 仆は手を伸ばして 君にただ触れたい / 我伸出了手去 只是想要触摸你 そう思った / 这样想着 ..music.. 空は朝焼け染まって 繋がって响いてく/ 天空被朝霞渲染 相连传响 小さな声でいいんだよ / 纤小的声音也可以哟 この温度を散りばめて 君を包んでいたい / 镶嵌着这温度 好想包裹住你 また笑ってくれればいいな / 还能对我笑出来就好了呢 闻こえてる / 听得见哟 闻こえてる / 听得见哟 闻こえてる / 听得

The The Love Is Stronger Than Death歌词

11/09 00:56
Love Love Love Love Love Love Me and my friend were walking In the cold light of morning Tears may blind the eyes but the soul is not deceived In this world even winter ain't what it seems Here come the blue skies Here comes springtime When the river

Sumatra Dusk歌词

09/02 06:43
[Instrumental:]* 专辑:Heliocratic Infinity 歌手:Sumatra 歌曲:Dusk

The The Lonely Planet歌词

06/04 15:40
Planet Earth is slowing down Overseas, underground Wherever you look around Lord, take me by the hand Lead me through these desert sands To the shores of a promised land You make me start when you look into my heart And see me for who I really am If

The The This Is the Night歌词

05/25 15:05
I'm scared of the things I think of when night comes along. Something gets hold of me. Something I can't never see. Oh, it's a wicked world Awaits the ones our young girls bear Oh, I need somebody to hold me In the fading light of this coming night.

Genesis Dusk歌词

05/24 18:44
See my hand is moving touching all that's real And once it stroked love's body now it claws the past. The scent of a flower, The colours of the morning, Friends to believe in, Tears soon forgotten, See how the rain drives away, another day. If a leaf

Notre Dame Dusk歌词

05/09 03:29
After sundown, I am gone - I am going home, home So refreshing, at pre-dawn being reborn, born Something I desire, it's something I must have Few things I require but this I do demand, this I do demand... Bathe myself in darkness, like balsam for the

The The Lung Shadows歌词

05/03 07:17
I close my eyes and you are with me I can feel your breath upon my body Come closer to me Come closer to me Come closer to me Come closer to me Come closer to me Come closer to me 专辑:Dusk 歌手:The The 歌曲:Lung Shadows

Badlands Healer歌词

05/01 19:35
Ah, healin' Tried to burn the fire inside Now it's knockin' at your door Say hello to karma Yet through so many lies I wade The truth in time will lay you down to rest All that stands before me Will turn dark and full of life Yeah, yeah You close you

The The Slow Emotion Replay歌词

04/05 12:02
The more I see, the less I know About all the things I thought were wrong or right And carved in stone So, don't ask me about, war, religion, or God Love, sex or death because Everybody knows what's going wrong with the world But I don't even know wh

The The Bluer Than Midnight歌词

02/25 13:11
Save me, save me, save me Save me, save me, save me. The candles are lit. the curtains are drawn. There's still no sign of rain nor dawn. Our lips touch. our limbs entwine. But the ghosts that haunt me won't leave my mind. Save me, save me, save me S