Dead Elvis

Death in Vegas All That Glitters歌词

09/17 03:41
[ti:All That Glitters] [ar:Death In Vegas] [al:Dead Elvis] [offset:0] [00:01.10]All That Glitters - Death In Vegas [01:17.14]Funky life! [01:17.90] [01:18.61]I've been told, [01:19.53] [01:20.19]All that glitter is not gold [01:23.24] [01:24.16]And g

Death in Vegas Rematerialised歌词

05/21 16:08
Trapped It seems to me the main problem my parents don't seem to be any happier for it in fact, they're always arguing discontent, want more than they have 专辑:Dead Elvis 歌手:Death in Vegas 歌曲:Rematerialised

Death in Vegas Dirt歌词

03/21 07:06
[ti:Dirt] [ar:Death In Vegas] [al:Dead Elvis] [offset:0] [00:00.84]Dirt - Death In Vegas [00:14.70]This is one thing that I was gonna [00:17.26] [00:17.84]wait a while before we talked about. [00:19.63]Maybe we'll talk about it now so you [00:21.65]c