Damage Love II Love歌词

12/20 13:44
CHORUS I love II love I love II love you Nobody can change my mind Your one if a kind I love II love I love II love you No one loves me better it's true Was not so long ago That I was all alone I had so much doubt in me I had so many dreams But fear

Emphatic Pride歌词

12/05 07:31
I may get drunk every once in awhile I may raise hell, that's just my style I work hard everyday, make them rich I don't complain While they sail their boats and they fly their jets They can break us down but we ain't broke yet Pay attention, or you'

Jimmy Eat World I Will Steal You Back歌词

11/12 16:43
When you pull me in sometimes I almost feel The picture in my head is just too real It's gunna be how it is, there's some things you don't change I'm done with telling myself that story [Chorus:] How slowly we built the walls Years they pile up I wil

Emphatic Get Paid歌词

10/12 20:58
"Get Paid" 卸载上传 I'm not down with your bad intentions I'm not down with your complaints I'm not down with your exceptions Get off my ass 'cause I'm okay I'm sick and tired of your solutions I'm sick and tired of your masquerade Get off my ass wi

Emphatic Get Paid (Acoustic Version)歌词

07/31 20:25
I'm not down with your bad intentions I'm not down with your complaints I'm not down with your exceptions Get off my ass 'cause I'm okay I'm sick and tired of your solutions I'm sick and tired of your masquerade Get off my ass with your resolutions G

Metallica Damage, Inc.歌词

07/18 11:43
Dealing out the agony within Charging hard and no one's gonna give in Living on your knees, conformity Or dying on your feet for honesty Inbred our bodies work as one Bloody, but never cry submission Following our instinct not a trend Go against the

Jimmy Eat World Please Say No歌词

07/18 09:01
It was a freezing night And not a single cloud I had a couple in me So I reached out And when I heard your voice Felt you all inside I prayed for the distance To keep us in line But there's things I've done You understand like no one else There's pai

Jimmy Eat World How'd You Have Me歌词

07/04 17:33
I've saved up enough courage And I'll spend it now But all for what, I ask myself No, it doesn't feel that an answer matters Oh, I thought I needed you to give me strength The things I'd hoped you'd say But as you stayed quiet, I'd just wonder Only o

Tim Brantley Damage歌词

06/18 04:21
The Damage Is Done - Tim Brantley Born in '84 in california bounced around an ended up in georgia inside the lines of an everybodys somebody town met a girl from high school on the weekend fell in love before you knew the meaning but the last few yea

Emphatic Bounce歌词

06/10 04:23
Bounce bounce come on baby... Bounce bounce come on baby... Verse 1: I don't care about a thing as long as I get to you Cause I like your back tat smackin' that is all that I want to do to you So come on over baby girl Let me give you a ride, ride, r

Linda Sundblad Damage歌词

06/04 13:00
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:Manifest 歌手:Linda Sundblad 歌曲:Damage

Emphatic Beg歌词

05/17 07:17
Beg me, I want you to beg me I want you to beg me Yeah, beg me I want you to beg I wanna hear it from your wicked mouth Come on, baby, spit, spit it out Whisper from your lips, roll it off your tongue Say it with your hips, I want some dirty fun Mayb

Jimmy Eat World Appreciation歌词

05/05 03:12
Thank you honey for reminding me How long you can stare at someone And never see, really see I want so bad just to understand Not gonna let more time go Without trying, without trying We build, we box, we carry on As people we forgot Strange we come

Chris Brown Damage歌词

04/13 03:20
chris brown - damage by LAnce 844572178 damage.. you know.. sometimes you don't realize what you've done, until you've seen the damage... and i looked at the damage... whoa.. yea.. yea.. whoa.. yea .. look at the damage.. 3 a.m. when my phone ring, b

Yo La Tengo Damage歌词

03/18 13:18
Not much Friday night, pinball, Lower East Side Walked out of the past and into the bar I used to think about you all the time I would think about you all the time Now it just feels weird, that there you are The damage is done Feeling like a kid agai

Emphatic Put Down The Drink歌词

02/19 00:01
Put Down The Drink 卸载上传 Baby, put down the drink And baby, put down the bottle You're startin' to sink And when you're down on your knees, it's so hard to swallow Your heart is beatin' like a loaded gun What's done is done and you're spinnin' in circ

Emphatic A Place To Fall歌词

02/03 08:44
Been holdin' up the world too much for too long Given away yourself with what you've taken on How do you find the strength day after day? How do you stand up straight when someone else would break? Maybe ya gotta stop for a minute before you hit the

Kosheen Overkill歌词

01/25 05:41
Back and forth Back and forth Back and forth Back and forth Is it over now? Over something that you overheard It's over dramatized Over complicated, over here All your clever talk Leaves you tongue tied It's overkill You wanna fix it with your hands

Kosheen Under Fire歌词

01/19 20:53
Looking out the window, it's beautiful out there Give me reasons to remember Summer trees are stripped and almost bare It's a late September Come the sun to kiss it better Thank god for understanding It seemed that we were under you It looked like yo

Emphatic What Are You Afraid Of? (Bonus Track)歌词

01/12 00:21
[Verse 1] What have you done That no one knows? Your guilty conscience Behind closed doors A distant shadow A vacant hall Lose your grip Can't break your fall [Pre-chorus] Dreaming your confession You float all away Drown in your obsession [Chorus] W