Crystal Tears

Crystal Tears Legends Never Die歌词

12/21 10:12
Tales of the heroes who died in the field Brave men who followed their beliefs Drops of their blood formed a contract of dignity And their ashes turned to dust But they will never cease to last They fought the earth and heavens They battled in the se

On Thorns I Lay Feelings歌词

12/16 22:27
In my hands a hope I hold And to your breath's dew I will be unable to sleep In my hands a wave I hold And your body I describe And beside you I come day and night I travel into the (blue) seas of your mind I will overtake you to the seventh wave Whe

Crystal Tears And the Arrows Fall歌词

12/14 08:59
Every word you said Poisoned heart and brain Malevolent intentions Bitterness you gave Malice was your name Evil your temptation But we will meet again Father time will help me on this And I'll take my revenge You shall burn into my hell Oh... I cann

Crystal Tears Empty Paradise歌词

10/17 13:28
Empty Paradise - Crystal Tears Gather 'round now listen We have a tale to tell our friends Welcome to our new world Here we set the trends Watching over others 'cause no one can be hurt Look back over your shoulder see us there In this life it's clea

On Thorns I Lay All Is Silent歌词

10/06 04:43
The shade of love gives me, your hallucination, I need to endure the solitude, this awfully screaming To the sting of the atmost chaos, where the primordial wichness is so hideous for description The expression of her face, an expression of abominabl

The Angels of Venice Crystal Tears歌词

08/21 04:50
Submit Lyrics Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. 专辑:The Angels of Venice: Music for Harps, Flute and Cello 歌手:The Angels of Venice 歌曲:Crystal Tears

On Thorns I Lay Crystal Tears歌词

08/17 10:12
I wonder if I have to believe in something better, I sleep heavily into the cold of my pain or I travel to eternity... Through seasons of passions open your eyes, just try to be yourself Nothing will change, if you stay dumb, just open your eyes I wa

Crystal Tears Nightmare Serenade歌词

08/09 22:16
Nightmare Serenade - Crystal Tears Revealing signs Now they're plain to see Like the Jekyll to the Hyde not knowing What goes on inside Pain and misery Blood flowing the pain's growing All aboard for the nightmare serenade The nightmare serenade Pass

On Thorns I Lay Eden歌词

06/04 04:30
Red wine I drink and to the golden coast I sing... Everything you search in your life here you will find Don't loose your mind, don't let the time to take you far away you have to find a better way, you forgive every wrong of your mind illusions of y

On Thorns I Lay Crystal Tears II (Loosing Her)歌词

05/30 11:45
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:54.05]I wonder if I have to believe [00:58.60]in something better, [01:01.61]I sleep heavily [01:05.88]into the cold of my pain [01:10.55]or I travel to eternity... [01:17.32] [01:41.91]Through seasons of passions open your eyes

Suara Crystal Tears歌词

05/16 07:43
[ti:Crystal Tears] [ar:Suara] [al:キズナ] [00:01.23]「Crystal Tears」 [00:04.23]作词∶U [00:07.23]作曲∶松冈纯也 [00:10.23]歌∶Suara [00:15.23] [00:17.23]静かな部屋に舞いんだのは [00:25.57]今年も同じ色の花びら [00:34.01]すこしさみしいわたしの肩に [00:42.50]「忘れないよ」と优しく落ちた [00:50.10] [00:52.37]大きな手つないで

Crystal Tears Heroes歌词

05/15 09:20
Heroes - Crystal Tears I'd like to tell you all a story About a heroes' tale My destiny a deed made long Before me I must not fail To bring you truth to give you faith all Of these values long forgotten A mighty rage took them away It's not too late

On Thorns I Lay Enigma歌词

04/27 10:35
I think I have lost my way like ruin my soul throwing away into a city not mine non yours Do you remember? ...And I was running every spring around the earth to find a hope to bring you the first rose I saw you there first time Do you remember? You a

On Thorns I Lay Ophelia歌词

04/09 10:44
Sometimes were two Were two and was like one One and so many together Among capids and angel We will fly forever... I have a mystic relation with the moon Tonight, I will sprink moondust only for you... I have a mystic relation with the moon Tonight,

Crystal Tears Inner Spirit歌词

03/14 10:41
Inner Spirit - Crystal Tears You've been searching for this inner spirit Somewhere deep inside the mind There within exists a hidden strength Everybody has this power It's waiting for you to explore But only you hold the key to open up this door Once

Crystal Tears Rock Until We Fall歌词

02/09 20:44
Rock Until We Fall - Crystal Tears Fists are aiming high Heads are banging wild Heavy riffs fill the air Jeans and leather bound Slaves to metal sound For the few for those who dare It's alright, it's alright Music loud play it hard Grab the guitars,

Crystal Tears Crystal Tears歌词

01/19 11:51
[ti:Crystal Tears] [ar:Crystal Tears] [al:Generation X] [offset:0] [00:00.58]Crystal Tears - Crystal Tears [00:06.76]You've been crying crystal tears [00:09.55] [00:11.31]Like teardrops they're falling down [00:18.40] [00:19.79]Innocence disappears [

On Thorns I Lay My Angel歌词

01/05 14:53
How long I will exist among dead stars How long I will be a game without end I will be waiting travelling to endless skies Choked into the seas of your forgetfulness Like a bird I am flying far away Searching for joy To another place Temptation Desti