Jimmy Rankin Colorado歌词

12/02 17:58
Colorado Dave - Jimmy Rankin Some time ago 'neath a Western sky Seen a midnight train rolling by I swear by God it was seven miles long As it rode past the ghost of Colorado Dave Toward the Dawn They say he ran with Jesse James South of the border ch

Tina I’ll be there(アルバム・ヴァージョン)歌词

08/30 12:23
[ti:I'll be there] [ar:Tina(日本)] [al:Tina Complete Best] [offset:0] [00:00.77]I'll Be There - Tina [00:22.52]I'll Be There Feel my heart beat [00:30.32]I'm living for my love [00:33.26]I'll Be There any day now- [00:42.76] [00:44.76]Yesterdays [00:47

Stephen Stills Colorado歌词

05/01 02:08
I am a man I live alone Don't much bother me. It won't be long Come a woman who wants to be near Me and my mountains, we'll be right here Colorado Way back east in the dirt and smog Courted a woman she had a job Didn't want to leave her adopted home

Tina Spend The Time歌词

04/17 12:54
[ti:Spend The Time] [ar:Tina(日本)] [al:Tina Complete Best] [offset:0] [00:00.80]Spend The Time - Tina [00:23.65]回り回る��はゆく 足�残して [00:34.51] [00:35.19]�く�ぎた日々はきっと [00:41.00]明かりをともすよ [00:46.63]-music- [00:49.32] [00:59.27]�が全てを消したら 消せない炎燃やそう [01:09.80] [