The New Pornographers Challengers歌词

12/14 01:01
Yes I know it was late We were greeting the sun Before long And you live with someone I live with somebody too Leave it there For safe keeping One of the west village in plains That was the custom Come dawn On the walls of the day In the shade of the

The New Pornographers Adventures in Solitude歌词

07/06 11:26
Balancing on one wounded wing Circling the edge of the never-ending The best of the vanished marvels Have gathered inside your door More than begin but less than forget But spirits born from the not happened yet Gathering there to pay off a debt Brou

The New Pornographers Myriad Harbour歌词

03/11 09:40
I took a plane, I took a train (Ah, who cares, you always end up in the city) I said to Carl, look up for one (See just how the sun sets in the sky) I said to Jon, do you think the girls here? (Ever wonder how they got so pretty?) Oh well I do Look o