Broken Silence

Foxy Brown Oh Yeah歌词

12/25 16:42
Oh Yeah I'm the most critically acclaimed, rap bitch in the game Coast to coast, stash the gat in holster girl Dark skinned, christian dior poster girl Mo' rockin timbs bitch and the gucci loafers girl Niggaz say i'm too pretty to spit rhymes this gr

Foxy Brown The Letter歌词

11/11 09:49
The Letter [ron isley] *shimmering memories.. up in the studio gettin low* *listening... it's the realest shit i've ever wrote* This is a letter From inga To my mother, and my brothers, and my baby [foxy brown] Dear mommy, i apologize I know it's bec

So Solid Crew Broken Silence歌词

08/13 06:55
Title: So Solid Crew - Broken Silence (VERSE 1) I grew up in the same places, ? got shot in the face, I saw Abrahams brain split on the pave, He jumped off the block, right where the kids play, We used to sit everyday, Chattin' sh*t, We all strayed,