Bones IfYouHadAZuneIHateYou歌词

12/26 22:30
Memories of you, they start to fade Only see your shade when I'm in the rain I want to be your voice, baby, once again Want to see your face before the end Always in the back of my mind If you were here I'd still be alive When will you realize Just a

Bones .Exe歌词

12/19 02:13
[Verse] Walkin' through the catacombs Bitches try to tag along .Exe up on your man If he act Microsoft Macintosh, having thoughts 101 blunts and a glass of Voss Want to chill, ask your boss Hope that job is payin' off Cash, cash, cash All I fuckin' s

Hillsong United Bones歌词

12/08 12:13
You can take my dry bones Breathe life into this skin You called me by name Raised me to life again You can calm the oceans Speak peace into my soul Take me as I am Awaken my heart to beat again Oh Jesus Oh Jesus Oh Jesus Alive in me You move in the

Bones USB歌词

10/02 07:23
Verse 1 Plugged like a motherfuking USB, drivers updating while i'm counting up the USD Delete the world now these drugs just for you and me, backspacing pussies run upon me boy you will see Escape keys can't help when you sleep, watch how you toss a

Bones PayPal歌词

09/16 23:08
Looking life Wolfwood Feeling like Vash Three moons in the sky Two blunts in my hand Blade on my waste if you tryna take a stance Zero patience, quit the playing Come and do just what you said I got money in the mattress, bones in the casket No, I do

Esser Bones歌词

09/01 11:26
[ti:Bones] [ar:In Fear And Faith] [al:Imperial] [00:02.00]In Fear And Faith - Bones [00:05.00] [00:12.80]Her bones are buried in the backyard along with my integrity [00:20.93]I tested your honor you questioned my faith [00:24.75]Now look where you a

Radiohead Bones歌词

08/27 06:50
i don't want to be crippled and cracked shoulders, wrists, knees and back ground to dust and ash crawling on all fours when you've got to feel it in your bones when you've got to feel it in your bones now i can't climb the stairs pieces missing every

Bones Wi-Fi歌词

08/22 03:13
[Verse 1: Bones] It's the wi-fi pimp, modems hangin' from my wrists Passwords on my blunts, got to log in to get it (You've got mail) Digits etched on my grave, can't decipher my slang Wingdings when I speak, bold fonts when I sing Bitch, I'm comin'

Dustin Tebbutt Honest Hands歌词

08/19 11:17
Honest hands,don't ' Open minds,won't hinder My heart knows neither My mind release her The wild heart ' The tape of ' answered No silent vibes Will last quietly In my mind now I'm makin' right 专辑:Bones 歌手:Dustin Tebbutt 歌曲:Honest Hands

Bones Sixteen歌词

08/08 19:53
[Intro] Ay yo man, we bringing back the real knowledge The real power in hip-hop We are the streets, the movement Hot street single smash [Verse] We were 16, this means robbing was an option Money was the problem, scrapping copper for some profit Bre

Bones Butterfly歌词

06/09 08:07
[Intro] [Verse 1: Bones] Creepin' up from behind Money up on my mind Butterfly on my side Make it fly then you die I've got lies in my eyes All my times been reprised Compromised with my lies Now I'm stuck inside my mind Resurrect every-time I die Cr

Bones FreeComplimentaryGiftWithPurchase歌词

06/02 18:22
Let 'em see my face, Bones never ever masked up Mortgage in my blunt, bitch boy, get your cash up Did a couple shows, now you think that you could match us Throw you in the pit, now you never get back up Back up, back up, bitch, where's your backup?

Bones ArtesianWater歌词

05/14 17:46
[Verse 1: Bones] Purified water in my glass, let me hydrate Young white trash, eyes low like I'm 5'8" Ground starts to vibrate, grass starts to separate Soil starts to plumb into the core of my fucking grave Diamonds in my eyes, I got jewels on me Ge

Bones TheIvy歌词

05/02 17:19
(How are you today?) (I'm fine. I'm weird actually. I'm disoriented. I'm not sure where I am. I mean, I know where I am, but it feels odd being here. I'm ok.) [Bones] I've crossed the T's And I dot the I's I've lost my mind And I've crossed the line

Bones Calcium歌词

04/11 01:24
[Hook] I don't know, I don't know I don't know which way to go Walking down the road Lookin' at the streetlights Wanna go home, but I don't feel right Spend my days at the river, spend my nights in the forest Wakin' up to birds screamin' like I've be

Bones Virus歌词

04/10 04:05
[Verse 1] Locked in my grave, I ain't slept in days Worms in my blunt, I got mud up in my veins Cemetery legend, poppin' like Excedrin I'm on it smoking heavy, at this rate I'll be high forever You speakin' like a reverend, then acting like a felon T

Penny & Sparrow Bones歌词

03/29 18:29
When my skin is done Or my sickness fills the air In my silent final prayer My heart is yours If your body creeks And your broken bones are fears No matter the years My heart is yours And I know I'll break down And I know that you will crumble But pa

Bones EmilioEstevez,TheMightyDuckMan歌词

01/23 03:41
[Verse 1: Bones] What Everybody hate me now just wait 'til I drop this (wait) They want to put me on the shelf but I never ever sell So you could never cop this Right when they think I'm going left I go up so rest assured you'll never top this Spend

Felix Riebl Bones歌词

01/16 08:48
Won't you understand? Won't you hold my hand? / Won't you take me in your cover? / Won't you have me stay? Won't you run away? / Won't you hide me from your father? / Cos I'm almost here, and I'm surely gone / And I'm standing in your doorway / Won't

Bones LayMeInTheRiver歌词

01/13 08:10
Self-hate in my veins while she twistin' up my braids I'on't got to say a thing cause she know where I remain I got memories for days, full of faces with no names Image stained in my brain of me smokin' in the rain On the porch, fuck a Porsche, we ai