Blood Money

Tom Waits All the World Is Green歌词

12/20 09:59
All The World's Green (Blood Money studio version, 2002) I fell into the ocean When you became my wife I risked it all against the sea To have a better life Marie you are the wild blue sky And men do foolish things You turn kings into beggars And beg

My Heart To Fear Blood Money歌词

12/07 14:43
Blood Money - My Heart To Fear Why do we paint the walls of our churches with the tears of the starving children? Your genocide establishment Day by day You grow more complacent Night by night The money's wasted Repent, Repent Where is your heart? Wh

Mobb Deep Outta Control [*]歌词

11/28 23:08
[ti:Outta Control] [ar:Mobb Deep] [al:Blood Money 血腥钱] [by:] [offset:0] [00:10.68]It's the infamous Mobb, M-O-B-B [00:13.36]We can't be touched nigga, can't you see? [00:16.37]You do you man cause me I'm 'gon do my thang [00:20.42] [00:21.73]I'ma get

Tom Waits Coney Island Baby歌词

11/23 00:00
Every night she cames To take me out to dreamland When I'm with her, I'm the richest Man in the town She's a rose, she's the pearl She's the spin on my world All the stars make their wishes on her eyes She's my Coney Island Baby She's my Coney Island

Luke Pickett blood money歌词

09/19 20:04
This is my route home. The curtain falls just behind me. I thought I was alone, until I felt wings of pain wrapped around me. I just thought you were walking the same way as me. I guess I was wrong; you had left your heart your heart at home but boug

Guillotine Rebellion歌词

07/30 05:09
I define your enemy, a bastard of today A nature's true obscenity, your failure on display A vermin of society, a thinking whore alive The sand in your machinery, the red inside your eyes I, fan the flame, go against the grain Rebellion! So if I die,

Luke Pickett Going Down With This Ship歌词

06/28 05:12
Its staring you, its staring me Staring words I don't feel you believe It's giving hope to all of us Who'd sooner play a rich man's game than fall in love. And so I watch the waves surround us, leave us shipwrecked on a desert island filled with pira

Guillotine Blood Money歌词

06/22 19:08
Tell me Mr. President, tell me how you sleep You say we go to war for peace, not for oil or greed Blame it on intelligence, and cover up your lie Let's put on that TV-smile and send some kids to die! All the lies, all the lies You lie so much you thi

Mobb Deep Have a Party [*]歌词

06/14 07:47
[ti:Have A Party] [ar:Mobb Deep] [al:Blood Money 血腥钱] [by:] [offset:0] [00:05.37]This is how we do it, when we do it [00:07.49]Like we just wanna tear the club up [00:09.48]We do it like ain't nuttin' to it, the way we do it [00:12.30]Now e'rybody pu

Luke Pickett cruel love歌词

06/13 01:29
I sit up all night, writing songs for you
 You breathe them in and out but they do nothing for you 
It's hard when I've spent so long creating perfection 
I give up these words just for a simple taste

 So you ask me to leave now Before I get out of

Guillotine Insanity歌词

05/31 06:16
You are killing yourselves, only wasting away Better who you know than who you are The time that you spend, on the gods you create Oblivious to nothing but your part [Lead: Daniel] Welcome my friends, to the world that you made Marching like you drea

Guillotine War歌词

05/25 07:10
Send us to die, to add to the gore We're on a wartime supply Rewrite the laws, to fit to your cause To you we are nothing but whores An arm, a leg, and then replaced You use us, then spit in our face Disposable kids, why the fuck would you care 'Bout

Guillotine Insane Oppression歌词

05/16 10:27
Right wing assassins controlling our lives Make us live in misery and hell Conservative illusions make it all "democracy" To main and slay for everything that sells Trading embargoes, corruption and greed Protectionism is the modern way Demorali

Lost Dreams Blood Money歌词

05/03 09:41
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Mobb Deep Creep歌词

04/24 08:45
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:00.00]When you were here before [00:06.00]Couldn't look you in the eye [00:11.00]You're just like an angel [00:17.00]Your skin makes me cry [00:23.00]You float like a feather [00:28.00]In a beautiful world [00:35.00]And I wish I

Guillotine Die/Live歌词

04/16 02:41
You are monstrosity, I'm a filthy suine Two stand-up lying sacks of shit You bring atrocity, the end of the line We go in league into the pit I hear this voice... Do you wanna die? Do you wanna live? Do you wanna waste another day, another second of

Luke Pickett Lay Down Your Cards (Guilty As Charged)歌词

03/31 16:24
Girl you've got me walking on a tightrope And I don't know how when I'm gonna fall I've been working hard for money But you keep stealing from me Why I don't know Girl you've got me climbing up a ladder And the Easter panic brings a different home An

The Pop Group Blood Money歌词

02/27 08:03
Teeth beckon you Who says guns speak louder Money's a weapon of terror Spiders I can trust open my chest An order is an order Even when it makes no sense An order is an order Even when An order is an order Spiders I can trust open my Teeth beckon you

Tom Waits Lullaby歌词

01/27 06:31
Lullaby 催眠曲 Sun is red; moon is cracked - 太阳是红的,月亮有裂痕 Daddy's never coming back - 爸爸再也不会回来 Nothing's ever yours to keep - 没有任何东西永远属于你 Close your eyes, go to sleep - 快睡吧,闭上你的眼睛 If I die before you wake - 等你醒来我不在了 Don't you cry don't you weep - 不许哭喊也不许

Mobb Deep Put Em in Their Place歌词

01/25 16:46
(Prodigy) Yeah, yeah.. Payback.. (Hook: Prodigy) - repeat 2X Infamous up in this, you know how we get down Is that yo' hoe? She feelin' our style We come through the spot real heavy on the waist So when they wanna move, we put 'em in they place (Prod