Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton Suffocating歌词

12/04 20:37
Pain is growing like a vine stanglin' my heart When I think the worst is over, that's right when it starts Someone says your name, sometimes I don't feel a thing But then there's days like today, whoa, that are suffocating When I think it's dead and

Blake Shelton Gonna歌词

11/26 01:17
Watch this, woo I'm gonna take you for a date, take you for a ride Gonna get you over there on the passenger side I'm gonna put the radio on your favorite song I'm gonna crank it on up an get you singing along Hey hey (hey hey), alright (alright) Gir

Blake Shelton Almost Alright歌词

11/13 22:31
I played some Stones and Skynyrd songs Last night on the jukebox And I'm gettin' back to hatin' me some soft rock I don't almost reck' seein' if its you Every time a midnight blue Pontiac Pulls into the parkin' lot Believe it or not I'm almost alrigh

Blake Shelton She Can't Get That歌词

10/30 14:01
★ william王子 Album:Pure BS Blake Shelton-She Can't Get That He meets her at the front door, he can tell she's had a hard day... at work. She's been needing him and he's sure been wantin' her. He touches her with tenderness, takes her in his arms and t

Blake Shelton Never Lovin' You歌词

10/28 09:53
Blake Shelton - Never Lovin' You LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang @ @ Now listen to me, this here is how it used to be..... I can see the day that I wont wanna hang out with the boys all night Yeah and I can see a day when I'll walk off this dead e

Blake Shelton Lonely Tonight歌词

09/20 20:37
Blake Shelton - Lonely Tonight I never thought you'd pick up the phone It's Friday night you should be at home at town Didn't think you'd be sitting at home all alone like me Nothing on TV, nothing to do Nothing to keep my mind off you and me And the

Blake Shelton Bare Skin Rug歌词

07/18 06:18
[Blake:] Well the moon just came over the tree tops And the whipper wheel started to sing So I slipped down the hill Got into the still And drank til my ears started to ring I followed a trail to through the hollow To a shack back in the woods Its my

Blake Shelton Lay Low歌词

06/25 23:50
Think I'll grab a bottle of Patron When I get off work on my way home Fill that hot tub full of bubble bath, kick back, relax Baby you and me and nothing on yea Got a weekend coming just in time We're both needing what I've got in mind What I got in

Blake Shelton Some Beach歌词

06/16 13:03
Driving down the interstate Running thirty minutes late Singing Margaritaville and minding my own Some foreign car driver dude with the road rage attitude Pulled up beside me talking on his cell phone He started yelling at me like I did something wro

Blake Shelton Draggin' the River歌词

06/09 10:41
Hey, baby I just asked your daddy If I could take your hand He said, "Boy, over my dead body" Guess I ain't his kinda man But I love you and you love me So, baby I gotta plan We'll push my truck off of Red Top Bridge Right below the Jackson Dam

Blake Shelton I'm Sorry歌词

05/10 15:17
[ti:I'm Sorry] [ar:Blake Shelton] [al:Red River Blue] [00:01.01]Blake Shelton - I'm Sorry [00:03.48] [00:13.79]You say you don't know what you were thinking, [00:22.00]Well neither do I. [00:27.09]And after the time we spent together, [00:33.77]You t

Blake Shelton Sangria歌词

04/27 20:59
You're crashing into me like waves on the coast Every time we talk, you move in close I don't want you stop, I don't want you to stop tonight We've got the last two glasses on a straw hut bar Trying to remember what number we are String of white ligh

Blake Shelton I'll Just Hold On歌词

04/17 02:24
Blake Shelton - I'll Just Hold On LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang @ @ I can taste your kiss on my lips And I'm wrapped around your finger tips As I watch the moonlight dancing on your skin Your green eyes and the sweet red wine Go to my head girl

Blake Shelton Get Some歌词

03/29 13:19
[ti:Get Some] [ar:Blake Shelton] [al:Red River Blue] [00:-4.00]Blake Shelton - Get Some [00:-2.00] [00:00.00] [00:17.15]You get up [00:18.53]You get coffee [00:20.30]You get paid [00:21.64]You get off [00:23.05]You get gas [00:24.67]You get beer [00:

Blake Shelton My Eyes 歌词

03/16 17:00
Those high heels with that sun dress Turquoise heart hanging 'round your neck Red lips like wine, wanna drink 'em up And keep on drinkin' 'til you make me drunk Tied up here, wanna let it down And just let the rest fall to the ground You take beautif

Blake Shelton 100 Miles歌词

03/02 16:08
Blake Shelton - 100 Miles LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang @ @ Wheels turn like my memories And the head-lights shine like my used-to-be's And time, time's taking way too long And forgiveness, well I hope its not too far gone A hundred miles from h

Blake Shelton It Ain't Easy Bein' Me歌词

02/10 19:31
★ william王子 Album:Pure BS Blake Shelton-It Ain't Easy Bein' Me There ought to be a town out there, Named for how I feel. Yeah I could be the mayor down there, And say welcome to Sorryville. It won't be on a map nowhere, You might say that it doesn't

Blake Shelton A Girl歌词

01/25 09:05
Had to steal, daddy's car, park it far from her house And throwing rocks at her window til she's sneaking out How to get a college kid to get you good stuff Mix a perfect drink in a Sonic cup How to lean back, fake a yawn Stretch your arm round her s

Blake Shelton Delilah歌词

01/08 18:14
Delilah - Blake Shelton I knew the moment that you walked in You were looking for your old friend Well here I am It ain't no big surprise You got a broken heart to kill Tired of knowing how it feels When you learn you been living A lie Oh, and ain't

Blake Shelton Don't Make Me歌词

01/04 10:43
[ti:don't make me] [ar:Joe Budden] [al:Padded Room] [00:01.08]Joe Budden - don't make me [00:05.12] [00:11.01]★ lrc 編輯 妙一法師 [00:17.83] [00:19.57]Top down with the fresh cut [00:21.04]With A. Baker (Anita Baker) through the speakers, 'Best Of' [00:23.