Little Birdy Close to You歌词

12/19 07:27
Little Birdy:-CLOSE TO YOU O take me home Don't give up on me My selfish heart is alone tonight Wait they say you always get your way True love aint doing me no good I wanna let somebody out And I need you now more than ever And I need you now for me

Little Birdy Excited歌词

11/23 03:51
I'm excited to be with you Latches off the lie I'm running from In my life Love you wanna change Take it so you're all alone for A long time It's love you had the love you had a long long time I can't figure out why You don't need mine I'm excited to

Little Birdy Beautiful to Me歌词

07/01 11:08
Little Birdy - Beautiful To Me Go ahead don't go Don't leave my open arms all warm And go see I don't know if you're here for me Well look the afternoon is the only place where you and I belong You're mine forever and a day You're beautiful you're be

Little Birdy It's All My Fault歌词

06/17 11:24
IT'S ALL MY FAULT Lyrics - by LITTLE BIRDY I don't want you around I falter now I know I'm losing all my mind Hold onto it and you'll see that love Is all you have Truth and truth remain But I know I wanna go where you go Baby look at how you're all

Little Birdy It's a Rule for You All歌词

05/20 19:29
Tell you a secret bout love all the danger it Posesses It's a rule for you all And grow something heavy something rough take this bullet from beneath me take this hole and tear it apart O I love it O I love it O I am strapped in this world I am strap

Little Birdy Come on Little Heartbreaker歌词

03/16 13:12
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:01.38]Little Birdy: [00:03.36]COME ON LITTLE HEARTBREAKER [00:05.26] [00:06.98]Everybody knows the reason why [00:13.51]I choke and choke I dont know [00:21.16]Why [00:22.34]But its so hard on you [00:27.10]To go and throw [00:2

Little Birdy Andy Warhol歌词

02/26 20:05
Little Birdy - Andy Worhol Have you got Anything worth waiting for? Tear my heart Tear my heart so it's on the floor. I should of known with you, I should of known with you Better than that. It's too late, It's too late to not let you down. And your

Little Birdy Losing You歌词

02/25 18:13
I don't fit the walls when I wake I sit and wait for you To call one me I don't play for anybody I'm tryn so hard I'm tryn so hard Lover come on over Cry your little heart away Take me far and under It's all you have to hide Is there something better

Little Birdy Relapse歌词

02/10 21:37
Live on the outside I'll help you through your pain if you help me through mine Never have I met someone as insensitive as you I want to escape what you've done to my life I love the way that you're always on my mind It's okay you're not a bad one yo