beFour Time To Dance歌词

12/29 08:58
Its time to dance, time to dance, take your chance Everybody clap your hands, clap your hands, do the dance To the rhythm of the beat, of the beat, stomp your feet Everbody feel the heat, feel the heat of the beat One step to the left, two steps to t

beFour Come Fly with me歌词

12/23 09:32
befour We have ignition it's time to go A mission out of here You're heart is beating The light's go out The thrill is in the air Everything change in a second And the darkness surrounds you like night But just in a minute a million of stars comes al

beFour Give It Up歌词

11/17 07:52
Na na na na na na na na na na now Baby give it up Give it up, baby give it up Na na na na na na na na na na now Baby give it up Give it up, baby give it up Everybody wants you Everybody wants your love I just like to make you mine oh mine Na na na na

beFour Message of Freedom 歌词

11/12 16:27
The miracle is close to you Cause you can Make your dream truecome Your destiny lies in your hands Takes your tears away When love and peace is in your heart You truly make a brandnew start The time is now, the tide is high Rise your hands and pray S

beFour Bye Bye Baby歌词

11/09 10:59
Bye Bye Baby - Befour I can remember the first time I saw you I can't believe that the magic is gone You say you're still feeling love, but it's not true I try to tell you it's all said and done You say you change, but I'm so sorry baby I've got one

beFour Balla Balla歌词

11/06 09:45
Balla Balla Aha, Aha - Aha, Aha everybody's here, it's time to celebrate you can see it's clear, you know I just can't wait it is destiny, feel the energy can you see the moon is shining bright let the rhythm be your guide tonight Baila, Baila dance

beFour crying heart歌词

10/20 13:12
Befour - Crying Heart 所属专辑:Hand In Hand 唱片公司:Edel 发行时间:2007-11-28 oh i cannot stand the pain inside everything my love i tried to hold you in my arms oh you, you the reason of my life will this dream my love survive when you hold me in your arms so i

beFour No Limit 歌词

10/01 11:12
Let me hear ya say yeah! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no ,no ,no, No there's no limit! No, no, no ,no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, No there's no limit! No no limits, we'll reach for the sky! No valley to deep No mountain too high No no limits, won

beFour SMS歌词

09/15 18:19
Sends me a massive mess Signing that's weaker us Wanna be with you just you Sends me a massive mess Can't take my loneliness All I feel so blue Dan di dan dan, dan di dan dan, dan dan dan dan dan Dan di dan dan, dan di dan dan, dan dan dan dan dan -

beFour You Gave Me Life歌词

08/10 15:41
did i ever ever tell you what you really mean to me when we're left and cry together always sweet as harmony so when every single tear and in every little smile lies they truth of what we're feeling when we're walking side by side in my heart there i

beFour Listen To Your Heart歌词

07/20 05:25
Sometimes the world around you falls apart (falls apart) And it's hard for you to believe That there's a miracle deep in your heart There's a chance that you can succeed It happens once in a lifetime It's up to you Listen to your heart when someone's

beFour How Do You Do?歌词

07/19 01:36
How Do You Do 1. When I'm going on anh sunny holiday And my plane leaves to anh place so far away I'm so happy cuz its time to celebrate Oh I feel like I could dance. Different people all around the globe don't know What to say when there's anh stran

beFour Little Little Love歌词

06/06 12:20
In every life there will be times Where you are simply hypnotized 'Cause someone new just hit your heart You'll get to learn love from the start And you'll be on each other's side By day and by night Well there will be no need to hide With your guide

beFour winter dream歌词

05/25 17:45
Strophe1: I watch the stars and see the moon The snow is falling, were together, forever I fell the wind under my skin Oh its so cold but were together, forever Refrain: I dream my winterdream Like an old, old movie scene Watching santas reindeers in

beFour Magic Melody歌词

05/20 03:14
I'm walking through a land Of peace and harmony Come take me by the hand And join my fantasy This dream has just begun Come on and sing with me I know a certain song A certain melody goes La la la la la The magic melody goes La la la la la Come on an

beFour All Night Long 歌词

05/08 13:29
Life is much too short to live it alone It will bring you down, to live it on your own Just have fun, the party's just begun Just reach up for the sun We're dancing all night long Until the break of dawn Jump around and dance Have a sweet romance Dan

beFour Everybody歌词

04/17 03:19
[ti:Everybody] [ar:beFour] [al:All 4 One] [00:00.25]Everybody, everybody [00:04.82]Let's celebrate the day, and we party anyay [00:09.43]Everybody, everybody [00:14.41]Today we have some fun, and that day has just begun [00:19.43]Oh lalalalalala oh l

beFour hand in hand歌词

04/12 21:06
Hand In Hand -------Before there's a place right in your heart 有一个发生在你的心中权 it's brighter than outside 它的亮度比外面 if you try a brandnew start 如果您尝试崭新的开始 there's no need to cry 没有必要哭了 there are ways to reach that place 有办法达到那个地方 eye to eye and face to fac

beFour Happy Holiday歌词

02/19 21:25
I'm so happy cause the school is out now And we're starting our party countdown This is living in a new dimension Boys and girls will get the right attention baby There is something in the air this summer And we know that one's a lonely number It wil

beFour A New Generation歌词

01/09 23:31
you're the voice of a new generation and you're coming out so strong it's your choice can you feel the sensation you're going one by one the battle of life, in every sight is won when you have friends forever you better believe it,'cause you can achi