Babyface Mary Mack歌词

12/26 04:27
Oh Mary Mack All dressed in black With silver buttons All down her back Say you found another lover Instead of me Tell ya what I'm gonna do I'm gon' set you free Girl When you leave my sight When you go It's no mystery I'm not blind To your whereabou

Babyface Fire and Rain歌词

12/19 01:08
*-*-*-*-*- Fire and Rain Just yesterday morning they let me know you were gone This like the plans they made put an end to you I walked out this morning and I wrote down this song I just can't remember where to send it to I've seen fire and I've seen

Babyface There She Goes歌词

12/01 01:23
There's something about her You know, it's the way that she carries herself She's just so bad Ooh, I don't know Her style, her mind Compares to nothing on this earth She's not the kind to share But God knows what she's worth I got to show her that I

Babyface God Must Love U歌词

11/14 03:52
god must love u babyface wellington nz joe zhang god must love you i said to myself cause you are more beautiful than anybody else god must adore you it's easy to tell must be wonderful to wake up to yourself and the moment i saw you had a vibe that'

Babyface You Make Me Feel Brand New歌词

09/21 23:59
My love I'll never find the words, my love To tell you how I feel, my love Mere words could not explain Precious love You held my life within your hands Created everything I am Taught me how to live again Only you cared When I needed a friend Believe

C-CLOWN Babyface歌词

09/18 05:55
넌 달라 뭔가 달라 다른 여자하곤 차원이 좀 달라 넌 달라 뭔가 달라 다른 여자들관 급이 좀 달라 이럴때 생각나 매일아침 너 제일 먼저 생각나 정말 너땜에 너땜에 오 미치겠어 나 그럴때 생각나 샤워를 하고 잠들기전에도 나만의 baby face baby face 난 니가 생각나 Yea think about u 오늘 밤 chocolate lipstick madam 입술깨물때마다 남자들은 oh my god 눈 빛은 angel 꿈에서도 잠깐 나타나도

Babyface Winter Wonderland歌词

07/06 11:15
Sleigh bells ring, are you listening In the lane, snow is glistening A beautiful sight We're happy tonight Walking in a winter wonderland Gone away is the bluebird Here to stay is a new bird He sings a love song As we go along Walking in a winter won

Babyface Reason For Breathing (album Ed歌词

06/28 03:08
If I cried like a baby Would you change your mind, yes? If I told you I'm crazy Would you come runnin' back to me? The harder I try to break away, the more I get lost in yesterday The man that you know is just a shell Living without your life is hell

Babyface Lovers (Roger S Remix)歌词

05/25 11:17
[ti:lovers] [ar:Kathleen Battle] [al:十面埋伏主题曲] [00:00]lovers-Kathleen Battle [00:19.83]There was a field in my old town [00:26.66]Where we always played hand in hand [00:34.11]The wind was gently touching the grass [00:41.63]We were so young so fearle

Babyface Change The World (MTV Unplugged Version)歌词

05/19 17:48
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:16.09]change the world [00:17.85](词中云整理) [00:19.74] [00:21.51](feat. Eric Clapton) [00:23.02] [00:51.03]If I can reach the stars, [00:55.54]Pull one down for you, [01:00.19]Shine it on my heart [01:04.86]So you could see the tru

Babyface Whip Appeal (12" Version)歌词

05/17 15:28
Somebody told me There'd be trouble at home 'cause we never talk a lot When we spend time alone So how are we supposed to know Know when something is wrong Well, we've got a right to communicate It keeps a happy home And no one does it like me And no

Babyface Soon As I Get Home歌词

05/13 17:27
[ti:]Soon As I Get Home [ar:]Babyface [al:]A Collection Of His Greatest Hits [00:00.00]风璨十月 [00:01.59]SPOKEN: [00:02.92]Hey, come here for a second [00:07.19]I don't like the way he treats you [00:11.32]He doesn't deserve you [00:13.13]He really don'

Babyface I Promise [*]歌词

03/31 11:15
[ti:]I promise [ar:]Babyface [al:] [00:00.01]Babyface-I promise [00:01.60] [00:02.14]Maybe I was scared [00:07.28]Just a little bit confused,yes [00:13.26]To do all the things that I did, [00:17.47]to hurt you, like that [00:24.98]But if I had a seco

Babyface Where Will You Go歌词

03/31 00:33
We started out simple friends That kind of friendship never ends, no baby But we were fortunate to care enough We knew just where we stood But soon as love appeared You turned away And you were so unsure and so afraid Of feeling what I was feeling Yo

Babyface This Is For The Lover In You歌词

03/16 13:36
Check it Word is bond I will love you any way baby any way and every way I can 'Cause I'm that kind of man I will give you everything baby Give you more than any girl can stand I'm gonna love you baby, baby, baby, baby I'm talking 'bout makin' love i

Babyface Still in Love With U歌词

03/06 12:58
Silly me, I tell myself takin' you for granted I never loved nobody else Silly me, silly, silly me Silly me that's how I felt not being romantic How could I let you fall out love? Well, all I know is when I go home there is no one there for me And al

Babyface Sleigh Ride歌词

02/16 21:20
babyface - sleigh ride just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring ting tingling too come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you outside the snow is falling and friends are calling "yoo hoo", come on, it's lovely weather for

Babyface A Bit Old-Fashioned歌词

02/02 21:14
I believe that a woman Is the most precious thing on earth And I'll do anything And I do mean anything To stop my baby From ever being hurt Well it might seem kinda crazy to ya Somewhat outta style I'm just a bit old-fashioned And I can't help Livin'

Babyface Faithful歌词

01/13 10:56
You've been hanging out without your girlfriends And they've been hanging out at all the clubs And you've been making eyes at all their boyfriends Have I complained? Not even once So tell me how can you Expect me to be cool While you're playing silly

Babyface Every Time I Close My Eyes (Radio Mix) 歌词

01/06 22:23
Girl, it's been a long, long time comin' yes it has But I, I know that it's been worth the wait yeah Yeah It feels like springtime in winter It feels like Christmas in June It feels like heaven has opened up it's gates for me and you yeah And every t