Any Other Way

We the Kings Any Other Way歌词

12/12 15:42
I am wide awake And I'm standing tall Up against the world Up against the wall Between the love and hate They can hardly wait To watch the hero fall You could give me help You can give me death But before I bend, I will have revenge Fire through my v

Tenth Avenue North Any Other Way歌词

06/19 00:46
Any Other Way Well don't say "goodbye," don't say "hello" We're just standing on the surface Don't say "alright," don't say "I know" Well I promise it's not worth it Well I wanna know who you are Even if you're fall

Steve Salazar 10:09歌词

04/14 22:41
get a call at a sunny night with a feel that i can't discribe all a night all a night i don't who wanner but day but day i start hardly don't care hardly care stay a night at home all along she is dancing with my friends tell me just let her go it's