Angel (Live)

陶喆 Angel (Live)歌词

12/13 12:59
☆小晓★工作室 ☆小晓★工作室 镜子中 看见一张陌生的脸 那眼神如此黯淡 笑一笑 只牵动苦涩的嘴角 我的寂寞谁知道 像条船在海上漂 北斗星也看不到 谁能够扬起了帆 远远离开这黑潮 angel angel 盼望你在我身边 angel angel 请你紧紧抓住我的手 有时候 我想不会有人了解 心里面藏著的痛 我害怕 用真心面对这世界 只好越来越沉默 一个人(一个人) 在人海漂 说话的人找不到 谁给我温柔(拥抱我) 拥抱 当我感觉心快要碎了 angel angel 盼望你在我身边 angel ange

中国梦之声 Angel (Live)歌词

10/01 16:49
Angle - ÁőËźş­ Spend all your time waiting For that second chance For a break that would make it okay There"#39;s always some reason To feel not good enough And it"#39;s hard at the end of the day I need some distraction Oh beautiful release Mem

Kate Voegele Angel (Live)歌词

08/28 07:16
angel - kate voegele i've said it once and i'll say it again i've got something hanging over my head i was laying on your shoulder, perfectly content until you told me all over again i ain't got no sob story to write but just like everyone else i'm l

Sarah McLachlan Angel (Live)歌词

05/02 18:39
[ti:Angel] [ar:Sarah McLachlan] [al:LOVE 真爱典藏之最爱情歌精选] [la:uk] [00:11.00]Spend all your time waiting for that second chance [00:18.00]For the break that will make it OK [00:23.00]There? always some reason to feel not good enough [00:31.00]And it? hard