After The Snow

Modern English After the Snow歌词

12/18 02:34
The rhythm of the rain gives an off beat on the window pane Like an angel crying from the sky I can see it's beauty after the snow I can see it's beauty after the snow The temperature's dropping rapidly Normal service will shortly be resumed I can se

Modern English I Melt With You歌词

12/14 10:28
Mest - I Melt with You Moving forward using all my breath Making love to you was never second best I saw the world thrashing all around your face Never really knowing it was always mesh and lace I'll stop the world and melt with you You've seen the d

Modern English Face of Wood歌词

10/31 08:50
dreaming in a chair, contemplating the times gone by - exhilarating, entertaining reaching out with tenderness scenes of laughter framed in reminiscence catch a smile for stormy days and sad occasions moving targets and camera shy the moon is dark an

Modern English Dawn Chorus歌词

08/18 09:58
When summer returns to its warm green fields The sun fading, pastel in the breeze The swallow swooping, migrating home The dawning days morning with a sigh Opening windows with a wounding cry The rainbow's lost its dreams of gold and everything slows

Modern English Tables Turning歌词

07/13 19:30
The bells are tolling for me and my love discreet horizon's fading, but fading from my trust all the walls are falling 'round my ears I can see the writing's on the wall can't you tell me what's the use? I always place my trust in you reaching out fo

Modern English Someone's Calling歌词

05/28 12:14
turning 'round as if in flight I sense your breath cut like a knife a thousand shadows all in pain what they feel (fear?) must be the same the tension's mounting (mounted?) with the tide I see the heat rise to the sky I search the faces for a clue a

Modern English Life in the Gladhouse歌词

03/24 08:48
Life in the gladhouse is never dull Humdrum days still flying out the window It's wrought (wild) with overgrown people Broken engagements and twisted faith Growing up and then just growing older Oh me, oh my An easter parade for the innocent A fugiti