Yanni November Sky歌词


  • 专辑:If I Could Tell You
  • 歌手:Yanni
  • 歌曲:November Sky

Yanni November Sky歌词


A Close Second November Sky歌词

05/29 03:18
Another sleepless night It's 5am and I have given up I stare into the dark November Sky And know the summer winds are far behind us I'm dreaming for a nightmare All for my piece of mind I know you're sleeping somewhere But I'm running out of time So

Patrick Doyle Touch the Sky歌词

09/19 16:15
Touch the Sky 触及天空 专辑<勇敢游戏>OST [歌词] When the cold wind's a calling And the sky is clear and bright Misty mountains sing and beckon Lead me out into the light 当寒风不停呼啸 天空却清澈明亮 雾中山峦起伏歌唱 连绵呼应 引领我到光明之所 I will ride, I will fly Chase the wind and touch the

Poema Echo Off the Sky歌词

07/04 00:18
Poema - Echo Off The Sky Listen to me now Won't you take every word in? I'm saying this out loud You don't have to pretend It only took a couple minutes Just to figure it out We can do anything If we live life without a doubt Some people hope to find

Yanni The Promise歌词

08/01 01:37
[ti:The Promise] [ar:Yanni] [al:Ethnicity] [00:00.00]Yanni-The Promise [00:10.00]歌词编辑:上海电机学院某04级学生 [00:19.28]The way the moon [00:23.68]Dends down to light the sea [00:30.81]And catches the hold [00:35.09]Of mountains strong [00:39.75]They stand besi

Lighthouse Family End of the Sky歌词

05/04 05:26
Would you like to go somewhere unbelievable? Where the great big blue sky seems to last forever Cos I feel like I'll leave it all behind Living' in the sunshine, that's where I'm going And I don't think there's anything here that I'll be missing (do

Fly To The Sky 취중진담歌词

05/07 18:05
널 사랑해 이렇게 널 사랑해 어설픈 나의 말이 촌스럽고 못미더워도 그냥 하는 말이 아냐 그래 난 취했는지도 몰라 실수인지도 몰라 아침이면 까마득히 생각이 안나 불안해할지도 몰라 하지만 꼭 오늘밤엔 해야 할 말이 있어 약한 모습 미안해도 술김에 하는 말이라 생각하지 마 언제나 네 앞에 서면 준비했었던 말도 왜 난 반대로 말해놓고 돌아서 후회하는지 이젠 고백할게 처음부터 너를 사랑해왔다고 이렇게 널 사랑해 어설픈 나의 말이 촌스럽고 못미더워도 그냥

彩音 cloudier sky歌词

06/25 18:23
[ti:Cloudier Sky] [ar:彩音] [al:Cloudier Sky] [00:01.00]cloudier sky [00:05.00]作?:志?千代丸 [00:09.00]作曲:志?千代丸 [00:13.00]?曲:?江俊道 [00:17.00]演唱:彩音 [00:21.00][01:37.92][02:57.70][04:03.95]彩音-cloudier sky [00:29.63]静か?ぎた景色に 落ちてゆく?とか [00:37.56]たった一つ?こえる あの日の声が

David Hirschfelder To the Sky歌词

12/09 00:58
Owl City - To The Sky ( Lyrics by Zero__wind) Shipwreck in the sea of faces 迷失在茫茫人海 There's a dreamy world up there 远处有一个梦幻世界 Dear friends in higher places 身处高处的朋友们 Carry me away from here 请带我离开此地吧 Travel light let the sun eclipse you 轻装上阵 让阳光照耀你吧 'C

Groove Coverage November Night歌词

10/11 00:16
November Night Groove Coverage by:九月水兔 Nothing left me to say. I can't even stop the rain from falling down into my eyes. Nothing left for you to speak for a moment I am weak So I can't hols my tears from falling in the night. Close your eyes and let