Anjulie Fatal Attraction歌词

Dear lover, the light's out
I'm not scared, it's time now
Where are you? Crying out
Oh God, I feel so low down

I'm sorry if I caused you
Any trouble, never meant to
Told me to move on, I tried to
But there's no life without you

It's a fa-a-atal attraction
Sla-a-ave to the passion
Fa-a-atal attraction

You haven't called me in two weeks
I lay here patiently
Breathing, bleeding
Check if my heart's still beating

Tell mother I love her
Wish her daughter had been stronger
But the fire took me over
And now you'll never hold her

So I do, but I do

It's a fa-a-atal attraction
Sla-a-ave to the passion
Fa-a-atal attraction

No, I don't wanna let this go
No, my body is screaming
Go for your touch

Fa-a-atal attraction
Sla-a-ave to the passion
Fa-a-atal attraction

Your love is the light in my eyes
Your love is the light in my eyes
Your love is the light in my eyes
Your love is the light

She cried out like I cried out
But you never heard her so loud
Screaming your name before she came
I should never scream it again

'Cause you blame me, soon you'll see
It was me you wanted down deep
Dear lover, I'll always be
Forever yours completely

  • 专辑:Anjulie
  • 歌手:Anjulie
  • 歌曲:Fatal Attraction

Anjulie Fatal Attraction歌词


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