Rachael Yamagata Even So歌词

Even So

You're gonna hate me when I tell you everything
You're gonna question whether you really know me at all
You will revisit every smile, and where it fit into the day
I know this is how it will play
And I try, oh I try to think of all the things
That I could do to let you know that I love you

Even so

I was not looking to do you wrong
Was not looking for a change of scenery
Don't remember where, or when, or how I did
But I'm hoping that you'll forgive me
And I try, oh I try to think of all the things
That I could do to let you know that I love you

Do you remember how we used to run in the summertime?
Do you remember how we'd run in the summertime?

Oh I try, I try so very hard
And I cry, I cry so very much
For I love you like you'll never let yourself feel again
I love you like a brother and a friend
I love you with my whole heart until it bends
I love you like a lover until the very end

But I'll always think of all the things
You did to let me know that you love me
But you're leaving
Even so

  • 专辑:Happenstance
  • 歌手:Rachael Yamagata
  • 歌曲:Even So

Rachael Yamagata Even So歌词


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