Azure Ray Larraine歌词

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You grew up in a patch
Some say that it was cursed
You spent your whole life
Trying to wash away the dirt

They said that you were nothing
With their hands under your skirt
So you tide yourself away
With a rag under your shirt
Oh Larraine

Your daddy loved you wrong
While he pointed his gun
Your mother turned her face
Being princess of grace
Oh Larraine

They left you in the woods
To find your way back like a dog
You cried in the dark
While they drank beers on the lawn
Oh Larraine
Oh Larraine

The nightmares wouldn’t stop
So you drink them to a haze
But when you cut the lines
They put you away

You had a little girl
Who writes songs about your pain
An episode of greys
And now she’s living in L.A.
Oh L.A.
Oh L.A.

Most of them I never knew
But that is just as well
Even as I cry for you
I know they’re all in hell
Oh Larraine

Don’t you know it was all for you Larraine?
Everything I did was for you Larraine
'Cause what they did to you
They did to me

  • 专辑:Drawing Down The Moon
  • 歌手:Azure Ray
  • 歌曲:Larraine

Azure Ray Larraine歌词


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