Jon And Roy Kesey歌词

Oh you're right, I haven't been home
For a while now, my head has flown
But now here I am, in my state
With the borders I have to break.

There was a time, when it was fine
Oh, and I knew, the hill that I had to climb
And now I see it, and though it's a little ways off
It's where I'm going, oh, it's where I'm going.

  • 专辑:Let It Go
  • 歌手:Jon And Roy
  • 歌曲:Kesey

Jon And Roy Kesey歌词


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10/21 19:40
In my time of dyin', I will go In my time of dyin', I will go With no pain in my heart And a warmth in my soul Not afraid, and not fearing What I do not know. But what can I do now? Because any day, this time my come. Am I ready? I don't know I'm sti

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In the light again, I'll make it home to you now Everywhere I go, I'm on this world going 'round And you're humming along, yeah you're filling it out with your beautiful song And I think that you, that you feel it to One thing I know, everything I se

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[ti:Mountain Town] [ar:Jon And Roy] [al:Let It Go] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.64]Mountain Town - Jon And Roy [00:20.69]Spent my days in a cold war, [00:23.12]fighting with myself [00:24.98] [00:25.76]Spent my time like money, [00:27.42] [00:28.40]counte

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~Mirror~ 歌: Gackt 作詞: Gackt.C 作曲: Gackt.C 編曲: CHACHAMARU made by cih99 かんじんな時には いつも側にいない 何が大切な物なのか わかろうともしない 誰もが君に あきあきしてる 目新しい物ばかり追いかけていて 「古き良き時代は何処に行ったの?」 そんな口ぐせは君に嘆く資格はない 君の目に映ってる 僕の笑顔は全てがむくわれない 最初からわかってたはずなのに この大空の下へ飛び込んで 一人きりで 僕の壊れた体は君の腕で 受けとめられ

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If you were here tonight I wouldn't feel so lonely I wouldn't need the morning light I'll be alright if you were here tonight If you were by my side I wouldn`t feel the cold wind The distance wouldn`t be too wide I`ll be alright if you were by my sid

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i've been around for a little over 20 years and to anyone who needs advice on getting here don't ask me, the path i took was not exactly by the book, by the book i was too young to know and too dumb to figure out that you can lose yourself in all thi

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She loves her mama's lemonade, Hates the sounds that goodbyes make. She prays one day she'll find someone to need her. She swears that there's no difference, Between the lies and complements. It's all the same if everybody leaves her. And every magaz