J.J. Cale Clyde歌词

Clyde plays electric bass
Plays it with finesse and grace
Sit on the porch without no shoes
A-picking the bass and singing the blues

Misery loves company
And his old dog sings harmony
Tambourine tied to his tail
You can hear him moan, you can hear him wail

Jody May, she got a dollar
Down the road you can hear her holler
"Get up Clyde, we got something to do
That old dog can sing the blues"

He don't move, he don't flinch
Clyde, he don't move an inch
Just sit on the porch without no shoes
Picking his bass and singing the blues

  • 专辑:Naturally
  • 歌手:J.J. Cale
  • 歌曲:Clyde

J.J. Cale Clyde歌词


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