Various Artists Woman In Love歌词

[ti:Woman In Love - Sound-A-Like]
[ar:Various Artists]
[al:A Tribute To Barbra Streisand Vol 3]
[00:05.30]Woman In Love - Barbra Streisand
[00:24.92]Life is a moment in space
[00:28.19]When the dream is gone
[00:31.12]Its a lonelier place
[00:36.18]I kiss the morning goodbye
[00:39.63]But down inside you know
[00:42.42]We never know why
[00:47.16]The road is narrow and long
[00:50.84]When eyes meet eyes
[00:53.65]And the feeling is strong
[00:58.52]I turn away from the wall
[01:02.06]I stumble and fall
[01:04.62]But I give you it all...
[01:09.73]I am a woman in love
[01:13.41]And I do anything
[01:15.53]To get you into my world
[01:18.83]And hold you within
[01:21.64]Its a right I defend
[01:27.50]Over and over again
[01:33.19]What do I do?
[01:44.84]With you eternally mine
[01:48.15]In love there is
[01:51.02]No measure of time
[01:56.01]We planned it all at the start
[01:59.50]That you and i
[02:01.82]Would live in each others hearts
[02:07.30]We may be oceans away
[02:10.61]You feel my love
[02:13.42]I hear what you say
[02:18.60]No truth is ever a lie
[02:21.91]I stumble and fall
[02:24.67]But I give you allit
[02:29.91]I am a woman in love
[02:33.03]And I do anything
[02:35.59]To get you into my world
[02:38.77]And hold you within
[02:41.58]Its a right I defend
[02:47.44]Over and over again
[02:53.25]What do I do?
[03:03.43]I am a woman in love
[03:06.68]And Im talking to you
[03:09.55]Do you know how it feels?
[03:12.29]What a woman can do
[03:15.16]Its a right
[03:17.91]That I defend over and over again......
[03:36.20]lyrics by 熊德志 QQ 1005807614

  • 专辑:Romantic Sax for Lovers
  • 歌手:Various Artists
  • 歌曲:Woman In Love

Various Artists Woman In Love歌词


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