Prince of Spain Explore歌词

Higher than the birds up in the trees
Farther than the human eye can see
It goes off like a time bomb when we are near
Continues to explore without any fear
And every day that passes by it feels more like home
As we watch our love grow

Running through the trees I get ahead of you and it just hits me
It’s whiter than the snow, crisper than the air that I breathe
Searching for the warmth to come and stand by my side
I finally realized it was there the whole time
And every day that passes by it feels more like home
As we watch our love grow

Blindfolded lovers boldly stare ahead, standing on the edge of what comes next
Golden hearts light their way back down, admiring all that they have found

Lost inside the rhythm of your heartbeat
Doubt can find no foothold as our eyes meet
Suspended in a moment perfectly still
Silently we vow to chase after the thrill
And every day that passes by it feels more like home
As we watch our love grow

  • 专辑:His Majesty
  • 歌手:Prince of Spain
  • 歌曲:Explore

Prince of Spain Explore歌词


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十四朵向日葵的时光 春去秋来 讲述一个故事 在渐斜的日照中 十指沾满油彩的孩子 总有一些化作了灯火 总有一些化作了荒芜 似日落已破碎的金黄 风在指尖 散落 无声无息 才停歇的夜未浓 他来他往 迁徙的痕迹 总有一些化作了灯火 总有一些化作了荒芜 再也无法企及那葵花灿烂的家园 或许葵花已败 或许葵花不败 只败了人心? 专辑:葵夏 歌手:诶姆 歌曲:葵夏2 (prince's daydream version)

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Dig if U will 如果你愿意研究 the picture Of U and I engaged in a kiss 我们拥吻的照片 The sweat of your body covers me 你的香汗笼罩了我 Can U my darling 亲爱的,能不能? Can U picture this? 你能看到吗? Dream if U can a courtyard 你能想象一个庭院 An ocean of violets in bloom 开花的紫罗兰花海 Animals st

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Via:@O2DNA I guess I should known 我觉得我应该明白 By the way U parked your car sideways 在你停车在路边的时候 That it wouldn't last 这不是最后一次 See you're the kind person that 把你当做那种人 believes in make' out once 相信第一次就能分辨出来 Love 'em and leave 'em fast 爱上他们又很快的离开 I guess I