Neon Trees Love In the 21st Century歌词

I don't believe in a life without consequences.
Do you believe when I say that I’m not impressed?
You say I never, Ever, Ever, Ever wanna talk again
I don’t believe a single word you said.

I think I wanna run away from you, you’re killing me.
But I know I wanna see you in a day or two.
I don’t believe that a single word you said is true.

I guess it’s
In the 21st century
Oh, oh it’s tough
Broken heart technology
Your kisses taste so sweet
But then you click delete
Love in the 21st century
Love in the 21st century

I don’t believe making out is a dead romance.
I miss the days being kids simple holding hands
I’m sick of wondering if you would ever call me back
I check my 4 different accounts just to end up being mad.

Wish I could dissect your brain apart
It takes a vivisection just to understand your heart
If we could just own up, get wound up, messed up

I guess it’s
In the 21st century
Oh, oh it’s tough
Broken heart technology
Your kisses taste so sweet
But then you click delete
Love in the 21st century
Love in the 21st century

I’m in the 21st century
Oh, it gets so critical
We become caught up in the trivial
My dear, we’re both a bit too cynical
Come close, I’ll give you something spiritual
Stand up and deliver me
We’re in love in the 21st century

  • 专辑:Pop Psychology
  • 歌手:Neon Trees
  • 歌曲:Love In the 21st Century


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