The Enemy Sing When You're In Love歌词

On dance floors from London to Liverpool
in the dark of the night, when the air is cool
out in the street in the pouring rain
in a concrete jungle that echo's your name

In a hundred hotel rooms
where a few hundred sleep
in a thousand cheap boozes, where young lovers meet
in the million miles of traffic jams, we waste away time
in a single sad movement, when we say our goodbyes

Sing When You're In Love, Sing When You're out of love
Sing When You're In Love, Sing When You're out of love
Sing in your bedroom when you go home
through the broken door to your broken home
sing to the memory of a different past
Sing to yourself and a bottom of a glass
Sing when you're in Love, Sing When You're out of love
Sing when you're in Love, Sing When You're out of love
Sing When you're in Love, you're in love, you're in love, Sing When You're out of Love
Sing When you're in Love, you're in love, you're in love, sing when you're out of love
Now watch us fall apart, here we go,
now watch us fall apart here we go
Now watch us fall apart
Every tear in your eye,
every lump in your throat
every beat in your heart
that won't let you let go

  • 专辑:Music For The People
  • 歌手:The Enemy
  • 歌曲:Sing When You're In Love

The Enemy Sing When You're In Love歌词


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