Bethany Dillon Dreamer歌词

★ william王子
Bethany Dillon-Dreamer

Love woke me up this morning
With a memory
Love came and whispered a story
That awakened a dream

Imagine a beautiful castle
And a beautiful king
He left the comfort of his throne
To fight for victory

I am a dreamer
Take me higher
Open the sky up
Start a fire
I believe
Even if it's just a dream

Love woke me up this morning
And I ran to see
The king in the winners' circle
On the horse he won for me

Only a king would do anything
To protect the kingdom
Only a king would do anything
To protect the kingdom
Only a king would do anything
To protect the kingdom

  • 专辑:Imagination
  • 歌手:Bethany Dillon
  • 歌曲:Dreamer

Bethany Dillon Dreamer歌词


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