Rita Calypso I′ll Cry Myself For Sleep歌词

i'll cry myself to sleep
rita calypso

I thought that you will never leave me
  you said that we will never part
  but now you've gone but I'm alone dear
  with nothing but a broken heart
  and so i cry myself to sleep
  cry myself to sleep
  cry myself to sleep over you
  so many little things you've told me
  made me suppose you really care
  i can't believe you didn't mean them not after all the love we share
  and so i cry myself to sleep
  cry myself to sleep
  cry myself to sleep over you
  every night i long to hold you tight
  once again to try to ease the pain
  sometimes i wish that we never met
  there are so many things i trying so hard to forget
  But if you find you still need me
  if you should want me back again
  you know that i shall always love you
  but no my darling until then
  i'm gonna cry myself to sleep
  cry myself to sleep
  cry myself to sleep over you, over you
  what else can i do
  i cry over you, over you, over you

  • 专辑:Apocalypso
  • 歌手:Rita Calypso
  • 歌曲:I′ll Cry Myself For Sleep

Rita Calypso I′ll Cry Myself For Sleep歌词


Rita Calypso I'll cry myself for sleep歌词

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